Latest news on Eva Marie and Piper Niven's WWE future

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Latest news on Eva Marie and Piper Niven's WWE future

As we got to see in the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, which aired live on 14th June on the USA Network TV screens, Eva Marie made her return to the rings of the McMahon-owned company, although she had to fight her match.

back to the rings of the number one company in the pro-wrestling world, but was eventually replaced by another girl. The substitute who came to the rescue of Eva Marie was none other than the wrestler who has appeared until now almost only in the rings of NXT UK, Piper Niven, an athlete with a physique not really a model, who comes from Scotland and who in the independent world is managed to make a name for itself for some time.

In the episode aired tonight of the WWE red show, Piper in fact represented Eva in every way, with the same former WWE redhead who finally also proclaimed herself the winner, when in reality she never even fought the match.

Eva Marie made her WWE return on Raw

To try to give an explanation to the strange segment that arrived on the rings of the WWE flag show, Dave Meltzer, of the Wrestling Observer, thought about it, who announced in his latest update that he had unofficial news coming from the circles of the McMahon company.

Based on what he was told and based on his very personal reasoning, Meltzer finally came to the conclusion that: "Think about it, Piper Niven knows how to fight. So, they have Eva Marie on the show, every week in her amazing ring outfit.

Piper Niven continues to fight, Eva Marie takes credit and credit for the victories and so we don't have to see Eva Marie fight." Basically, according to the well-known overseas journalist, WWE will continue to stage the segment we saw tonight, in almost exactly the same way, with Piper Niven continuing to replace beautiful Eva when it comes to fighting in the ring.

Apparently, the WWE is also thinking of renaming the athlete, using the questionable pseudonym of "Doudrop", but for the moment there is still no official on the matter. Speaking on Sportskeeda's Legion of RAW, Vince Russo made it clear that he was not a fan of how Eva Marie was booked and felt that this was a rib on the returning Superstar.

"I'm telling you right now, I hate to say this but this is a rib, an absolute rib on Eva Marie. This girl is a movie star, a top-class athlete, stunning, looks like nobody else and look what they do to her the first time we see her.

I'm telling you Eva Marie, this is a rib. You know what Eva Marie needs, I'll tell you right now, behind the scenes, seriously, and she probably does. I hope she has an agent representing her who I think is a bonafide star saying, 'What are we doing here?' My client has established a persona, worked hard, she is multi-media, you are lucky to have her in this company, what exactly are we doing here? I'm watching this and I'm like this is an absolute rib."