John Cena Sr. comments on Roman Reigns' evolution

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John Cena Sr. comments on Roman Reigns' evolution

In recent weeks, WWE has brought a new storyline to life with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns as the protagonist. After the Tribal Chief has put virtually anyone under fire at Friday Night Smackdown in recent months, the wrestler was first the protagonist of some verbal disputes with his cousin Jimmy Uso and then, after witnessing an episode of SmackDown, the victory of the Mysterios over the Usos, attacked Rey and Dominik Mysterio during a new match between the two couples intervening and hitting hard the young wrestler and talent.

In the course of an interview with the microphones of Boston Wrestling MWF John Cena Sr. made it clear that he has always been a huge fan of Rey Mysterio but nevertheless does not consider him very adequate to challenge the Tribal Chief right now.

The two will compete in the upcoming Pay per View of Hell in A Cell and this choice is not very welcome to John Cena Sr.

John Cena Sr. speaks about Roman Reigns

During the interview, Cena's father, one of the greatest legends of the company, gave an interview about this match: "Please don't do this.

Come on, let's be serious. I think Rey Mysterio's world is extraordinary, I love that man, I really love him. He is nice to me every time we meet, he is very friendly and very polite. But you are putting a wrestler with good technical skills but facing a monster.

Give Roman Reigns someone serious to fight for." During the interview, John Cena Sr. was asked who should be the next opponent of the Tribal Chief. The legend's father said he would have liked a match between WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Jey or Jimmy Uso.

In this regard, he commented: "It would be like watching David vs Goliath. The Tribal Chief would find himself playing like cat and mouse but I think it would be a good match. I would have paid to see that match." Since returning to WWE at SummerSlam 2020, Roman Reigns has been a heel.

There was an outcry from fans for this heel turn since early 2015, and a few years later, there seemed to be acceptance about it never happening. It was the John Cena route - WWE never turned him heel despite fans crying for it, and it's something that may still never happen.

Luckily, the same mistake wasn't made with Roman Reigns. When WWE fans least expected it, his return in August 2020 saw him turn heel for the first time in nearly seven years.