WWE was also canceling the latest major plans for Raw

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WWE was also canceling the latest major plans for Raw

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE wanted to bring back the beautiful Eva Marie, years after her last match, but in doing so she invented a sensational background, which could be just the beginning of a true and very well-orchestrated storyline, which could lead the most famous red of the WWE, to win very important titles in the world.

After confirming her return to the scene with a match against Naomi, which would have been her very first meeting after years of hiatus, Eva Marie surprised everyone by intervening on the Monday Night Raw television screens accompanied by Piper Niven, the famous NXT UK athlete, who apparently he will be his right hand, as well as personal henchman, who will go to fight all the matches in place of Eva Marie.

This seems to be the strategy that WWE and Eva Marie herself will use in the near future, with Dave Meltzer himself who found this brilliant idea by the McMahon-owned company and which would thus dampen the criticisms of the fans, which have already come heavily against the model and actress, who still seems to be very unfamiliar with wrestling.

Eva Marie and Piper Niven weren't supposed to be on Raw

According to what was revealed in the well-known overseas podcast, Fightful Select, it would seem that the WWE had unclear ideas also on this storyline, with the debut of Piper Niven and the return of Eva Marie, which until the last second were poised.

In the last episode of the radio show of the well-known site, it emerged that: "Until this weekend, this was the plan for tonight, but in the end, it changed, before being put back on stage." In practice, WWE had already prepared the plans for the sensational twist in the female category of Monday Night Raw, only to change their mind several times, as now happens with any plan of the creative team.

After some back and forth, in the end, the management came to a conclusion, advertising even a few hours before the live show the return of Eva Marie, in which a new face was also used, that of Piper Niven, who as we have said yesterday, it could soon receive a rather strange nickname, which is that of Doudrop.

Alexa Bliss kicked off RAW and recapped what happened to Shayna last week, alluding to the fact that Baszler being out of action for now. Nia Jax showed up and said that Shayna challenged Alexa to a match at Hell in a Cell before telling her to stop messing with her and her friends.

Alexa denied that they were ever friends before Nia challenged her to a match tonight. Bliss started crying but then it turned to laughter before she accepted the challenge.