Could WWE bring drastic changes by the end of the year?

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Could WWE bring drastic changes by the end of the year?

In recent months, it seems that WWE is more than ever in disarray both in terms of creative programs to be staged and in terms of corporate management, with the countless releases and layoffs that would have literally destabilized the WWE Universe, with the fans who no longer know what to expect from the company.

Apparently, with a rumor that has been circulating incessantly for several weeks, it seems that WWE wants to try to sell the company, but no official source has ever confirmed these facts, so for the moment, everything remains just a big and gigantic rumor.

In the meantime, however, quite heartening news arrives from overseas, with some very important insiders, who would have received a preview of some positive news from the federation circles and despite the maximum confidentiality to be maintained on similar occasions, he still wanted to reveal a little something to the fans about its social networks.

Will WWE make numerous changes by the end of the year?

According to what was reported in the last hours by the well-known journalist Andrew Zarian, who among many things was also one of the first to reveal the latest rumors of the McMahon company, which later became real and concrete facts, the WWE could soon bring on stage some positive changes in his shows, but for the moment nothing more can be added.

Through the last speech made by the journalist, we can understand: “I've heard of some really exciting things from the WWE pro wrestling side. Too early to post anything but honestly I'm very confident that we will see a real drastic change in quality by the end of the year.

I hate being so vague. I don't generally post things like this but at the moment I'm really very confident." Without adding anything else, the well-known journalist thus "threw the stone and hid his hand", adding hype among the WWE Universe fans, who now don't know what to expect from WWE, but also by the well-known journalist.

What will change from now to the end of the year for the McMahon-owned company? What are these huge changes that will bring great quality to the company's weekly shows? This year is already almost halfway through and whilst much of the WWE calendar is already a blur, several superstars have had a shocking past six months.

While many stars are flying high in WWE as world champions like Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns, others have failed to pick up a single victory since the turn of the year. Surprisingly, there are many well-known names on the list of superstars who are in perhaps what would be considered the worst run of their careers.