WWE hires two major new backstage aids

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WWE hires two major new backstage aids

In recent months, the WWE has inexorably cut a large part of its roster, going to cut both in the wrestler sector and in the managerial sector, also passing through that of referees, road agents and various professionals.

From these cuts, several athletes on the main roster have passed, as well as several athletes and NXT professionals, with important names of all three major brands that have been eliminated from the WWE organization chart, such as Braun Strowman, Aleister Black, Velveteen Dream, Lana and several other prominent members of the WWE roster.

If in tonight's episode of NXT we saw his sensational return to the scene in Samoa Joe, who will now be the right hand of William Regal, who had every intention of leaving NXT, after the hustle and chaos of the past weeks, it seems that WWE has partially retraced its steps, going to hiring some of the fired or someone else from other companies to thicken its departments, after being partially exposed, having fired several employees and insiders.

WWE hires two new characters backstage

In the last few hours, we learned of the fact, that WWE has hired two important figures backstage of the company, one in his first experience with the McMahons and another who has instead been recalled after the dismissal of last April 2020, when he was was released after over 30 years of service with the Stamford company.

Thanks to the latest news shared on the pages of PW Insider, we have become aware of the fact that WWE has hired George Carroll in the role of the writer of NXT. His previous duties included the same role, but played backstage at New Japan Pro-Wrestling, in Japan and on the US side, with MLW.

The other prominent figure who has returned to be seen in the WWE backstage after a year away, is John D'Amico, former director of production management for the company's Live Events. The director of the Live events sector had in fact been fired in April last year, when the WWE had found itself facing a really difficult solution, without live events and without a live audience and with a myriad of staff who had to be paid instead, without but to be able to work for months.

After a layoff and 31 years of working with WWE, D'Amico also managed to return to his last position with the McMahons. The shelf life of a WWE Superstar has historically been seen as a short one. Whilst there are stars like The Undertaker, Triple H, The Big Show and several other legends who have managed to remain contracted to the company for more than two decades, this isn't always the case.

Female wrestlers appear to have the shortest spells in the company, with Natalya and Tamina currently being seen as two of WWE's longest-tenured athletes with over a decade on the main roster.