Sonya Deville begins training to return to the ring

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Sonya Deville begins training to return to the ring

Her last match in the rings of the Stamford-based company now dates back to the last edition of Summerslam, where Sonya Deville had gone face to face with her now former best friend, Mandy Rose, in a match that was initially supposed to be a hair vs hair match and which eventually turned into a "Loser Leaves WWE match."

After going out of the scene for several months and going through even bad quarters of an hour, with a madman who entered her house, with the intention of hurting her, Sonya Deville also had to follow the legal procedure that followed the arrest of her stalker.

Since that Summerslam 2020 match, we have not seen Sonya Deville take part in an official contest in the WWE rings, but apparently this absence of her from the most famous square in the world could now be less than her, to the happiness of fans of she.

Sonya Deville begins training

Apparently, according to what was revealed by the pages of Ringside News, it would seem that the girl who is now helping Adam Pearce, in managing the Raw and Smackdown rosters, under the organizational and managerial side, is training to return to the scene.

as a real wrestler and not only as an official WWE. According to the initial plans, Sonya Deville should have been fighting back for some time, but as often happens in the backstage of the company, the plans for her have already changed several times.

Initially, WWE had indeed intended to include her in Road to Wrestlemania, but eventually plans for her were postponed from week to week, almost reaching Summerslam. At the moment it will only be necessary to wait for the right storyline and above all the right triggering reason, which will bring the former MMA fighter back to the McMahon-owned rings, after months and months of voluntary but also a forced stop.

Sonya Deville recently appeared as a guest on WWE's The Bump. The star was asked about her thoughts on an in-ring return in the future. Here is what she had to say: "I don't know right now. I like rocking my suits, my three-piece suits every week, and calling the shots.

I think being in charge is something that kinda comes natural to me. I think I'm a born leader. So I like this new role. But you know, I'm Sonya Deville and I'm a fighter at the end of the day. Obviously I love to get down and get dirty and I like to kick a**. I'm sure everything will come full-circle eventually."