Adam Pearce: 'The King of the Ring tournament could return'

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Adam Pearce: 'The King of the Ring tournament could return'

One of the most famous tournaments in WWE history is that King of the Ring which managed to launch entire careers, such as that of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin or Sheamus, Triple H and even Edge, all fighters who have gone from victory of the famous tournament, which crowns the king of the rings of the famous Stamford-based company, very often also giving very precious titled opportunities.

The last winner of the famous tournament invented by the WWE in the 80s, was as you all know, King Corbin, or Baron Corbin, who managed to get the better of a handful of WWE athletes, in the last edition of the tournament, still carrying the gimmick of the king of the ring on stage today, despite Shinsuke Nakamura having stolen his crown for a few weeks already.

WWE official Adam Pearce hinted that the King of the Ring tournament could return. Many fans are buzzing about this potential development, though it should be made clear that Pearce didn't fully suggest the return is happening.

WWE fans haven't seen the King of the Ring tournament since 2019

Apparently, the WWE may have the intention of reviving soon the famous tournament that once also gave its name to an important ppv (how can we forget the 1998 edition, when a devastating Hell in a Cell was staged between Undertaker and Mankind right at KOTR).

To give this suggestion, it was Adam Pearce, official of the McMahon company, who thus responded with the following tweet, to the words of Baron Corbin, invited in the secondary broadcast of the company, WWE The Bump. "I know, I've had many conversations with Baron Corbin on this subject.

Stay tuned." It all stemmed from the words of Baron Corbin during the broadcast, in which the king of the ring teased the rest of the guests as usual, with Corbin advising Xavier Woods to feel less sorry for himself and to win an edition of the King of the Ring, to make the same success that he did in the last period of his career.

We will see when the WWE will now think of bringing back the long-awaited tournament dedicated only to the men of the company, perhaps this time also going to insert its female version, with a "Queen of the Ring" that is really missing from this new one.

WWE that has come into being in recent years. WWE fans haven't seen the King of the Ring tournament since 2019. In this bracket, Baron Corbin emerged victorious after he defeated Chad Gable in the finals. Corbin also defeated The Miz and Cedric Alexander to earn his spot in the semi-finals. He then defeated Ricochet and Samoa Joe in a three-way match to clinch his spot in the final round.