Big Show reveals the secrets of his famous punch

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Big Show reveals the secrets of his famous punch

For years we have all loved the giant punch that was part of the SmackDown stage between 2002 and around 2005 and we have always dreamed of its return but it never came. We got a little taste of it during one of the recent installments of the blue show, what's been called Throwback SmackDown, with quotes from the old days.

Unfortunately, however, the disappointment was a lot because it was only on the screen thanks to graphic work. Unfortunately, it was really difficult to manage this piece of backstage because it weighed a lot and every time it had to be removed and then put back again not with little effort and then, in the end, a change was implemented as is done every now and then to give a new look to the stage and not be trivial.

But now a very special tale has come out about how SmackDown's most famous punch originated. Paul Wight shocked the wrestling world after he left WWE in March 2021, after serving the company for 22 years as the Big Show.

He then joined AEW as a broadcaster for the YouTube show, AEW Dark: Elevation and as an in-ring talent.

Big Show inspired SmackDown's stage punch

For a few weeks now, a serial series entitled "WWE's Most Wanted Treasures" has been airing on the A&E Network where Triple H and Stephanie McMahon send AJ Francis, now a member of Hit Row to NXT, together with the direct interested parties or friends of the protagonists, looking for memorabilia in order to create a huge museum for the WWE Universe.

These people travel all over the country to retrieve very important and characteristic pieces that belonged to one or more athletes, such as a specific pair of boots or a weapon. Sometimes it's just something about that wrestler and other times something that's been part of a historic match.

In the last episode dedicated to André The Giant, Big Show was also involved, who donated his body identical to that of the French giant and looking through his things to look for it he found a photo that he showed to AJ Francis: "Recognize this Punch? That fist was above the SmackDown entrance.

That's the photo they used to make the mold and then they gave me the photo." AEW has a deep and stacked roster that boasts of a wide range of performers. For this reason, the promotion has plenty of options on the table when it comes to Paul Wight's first opponent.

Heavyweights like Brian Cage, Wardlow, or for that matter, even Mark Henry, with whom Wight shares a history in WWE, could be compelling rivals for the legend.