Former WWE star recalls his match against John Cena

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Former WWE star recalls his match against John Cena

John Cena was one of the greatest legends of recent history and not just of the WWE. In recent years Cena has devoted much more to television and film commitments rather than those in the ring with the company of Vince McMahon but despite this, the wrestler is still very popular and appreciated.

Impact Wrestling wrestler Matt Cardona has worked in WWE for many years under the name of Zack Ryder and recalled on social media an event that saw him star along with the leader of the Chain Gang in the past. Cena had won the Us Champion title for the fourth time in his career at Wrestlemania 31 against Rusev (current AEW Miro) in 2015 and announced an Open Challenge for the title the following night on Raw.

John Cena is still one of WWE's top guys

On that occasion, John Cena and Matt Cardona challenged each other in a match for the Us Champion in the Monday Night Raw edition of May 25, 2015. Cardona attempted a 450 Splash on Cena who managed to move at the last moment with Mart doing a big thud falling with the face to the ground.

That situation aroused a lot of hilarity on that occasion and even today fans publish the images of that match and of that episode in particular. After a fan posted a clip with that situation on social media, Cardona responded to the image and said: "I'll never make that move in a wrestling match again."

Matt Cardona is currently working on Impact Wrestling while Cena is busy with his acting job although in recent weeks there have been many rumors about his return to SummerSlam to collaborate with WWE. In particular, there is talk of a possible match against Roman Reigns, an event that with the return of the public would be among the most interesting and exciting in recent years and which would see a new great level opponent for the WWE Universal Champion and dominator of the last few months.

on the main WWE roster. However, with reports that Vince McMahon wants to make SummerSlam bigger than this year's WrestleMania because the live crowds will be back, it has been rumored that WWE will be looking to bring back their biggest assets and Cena is one of them.

The rumored plans are for John Cena to return and face The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns now that Reigns has turned full heel. The two have had one memorable clash already but the dynamics for this one will be very different indeed.

When asked what he was doing in August in another interview, John Cena replied, "Hopefully enjoying the summer. I don't know."