WWE Hall of Famer pays tribute to Roman Reigns

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WWE Hall of Famer pays tribute to Roman Reigns

WWE Tribal Chief Roman Reigns has long been the undisputed ruler not only of Friday Night Smackdown and everything associated with the blue roster but probably of the entire WWE. From the day of his return to SummerSlam, the Big Dog has slowly taken on new connotations within the company and has seen his character take on the contours of being invincible.

Anyone who steps in the path of the WWE Universal Champion is literally annihilated and both among the insiders and in the WWE Universe there is curiosity about who can put an end to the streak of titled victories of the Tribal Chief.

In the next few days, Roman will return to defend the title in a pay per view match of Hell in A Cell against Rey Mysterio.

Roman Reigns shocked WWE fans last year

In recent times, many wrestlers and former wrestlers have praised Roman Reigns and Booker T will certainly not be the last to do so.

Booker T spoke to Brandon F. Walker on the Rasslin podcast and the two-time Hall of Famer praised the WWE Universal Champion stating that he was the best fighter of the past three years. Here are his words about it: "I made it clear that Roman Reigns is the best wrestler in our industry, he's a guy who comes out in the ring and performs at a very high level and also brings everyone who works with him to great matches.

Yes, it takes them to another level and I think that many of them after the match with Roman could never have a match like that again. When I'm there Roman goes out and does whatever a pro needs to do, makes everything fan-related and gives the fans what they want.

This is my boyfriend and he's definitely the number one wrestler in the business right now." Roman Reigns literally shocked WWE fans last year by debuting in this new role as Tribal Chief but since his return, he has gradually gained more power, joined by WWE advisor and Mad Genius Paul Heyman and has beaten wrestler in recent months.

the likes of Cesaro, Edge, Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens and his cousin Jey Uso. Roman Reigns shocked WWE fans last year when he debuted his new gimmick, where he finally turned heel. The Tribal Chief, as he now calls himself, has been impressive on the mic, with his mannerisms and the matches that he has put on.

Reigns has battled the likes of Cesaro, Edge, Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens and his cousin Jey Uso, and has come out of these matches making everyone involved look like a million bucks.