LA Knight on talents who are still trying to find their way back to WWE

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LA Knight on talents who are still trying to find their way back to WWE

LA Knight had to go on quite a journey before returning to WWE after it was released way back in 2014. The latter brought out remarkable qualities during his time at IMPACT Wrestling as Eli Drake, earning illustrious accolades in the company.

and the much-coveted IMPACT Wrestling World Championship. That race probably proved decisive, having convinced WWE to bring him back thanks to the simultaneous rise of NXT. Interviewed by Mike Johnson for 'PWInsider' this week, LA Knight discussed a variety of wrestling-related topics.

In particular, he was asked to provide some advice to talents who want to try to re-enter the Stamford federation. As we know, Vince McMahon has had to make substantial staff cuts in recent months due to the devastating effects of the pandemic.

LA Knight had a tremendous run in IMPACT Wrestling

“The thing is very simple: if you think you have something fantastic inside you, you have to keep trying,” explained LA Knight. "There is nothing else that can be done, although I understand that some guys are discouraged at the moment.

If they stop believing it, they will be forever excluded from the business. I have noticed that young people tend to retreat in the face of difficulties, they do not do everything possible to overcome them. They stop at a certain point and disappear.

It is essential to keep moving within this sector, otherwise, it is the end," he continued. Knight made so many mistakes in his youth that slowed his progression: “For a long time, I hoped someone would pull me out of the darkness and give me a chance.

Only later did I realize that it was not enough to wait for a miracle, I had to give it my all in the first person. I had to do anything to get others to notice me. I advise kids to be enterprising, to make themselves available, to enhance their character.

Do not sit there waiting for someone to solve the situation for you,” he commented. The new Million Dollar Champion LA Knight sat down with Mike Johnson of PWInsider this week to discuss various subjects. When asked about his feud with Grimes, Knight seemingly hinted that this rivalry will continue.

"Well, hell, at this point, I think we're both just trying to get our bodies in one piece after last night," LA Knight said. "He took a hell of a spill at the end. And then, I took a couple of nasty spills in there.

And I know if he's feeling anything like I'm feeling today, we're both feeling like complete crap. And at this point, it's just taking it a day at a time, and look, tomorrow's another episode of NXT on the USA.

So, who knows what could happen if he shows up if he doesn't. Maybe he decides to take a little time off. Nobody knows, but I guess in the coming weeks, we'll find out."