Bobby Lashley Speaks About WWE Hell in a Cell

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Bobby Lashley Speaks About WWE Hell in a Cell

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is scheduled to appear at WWE Hell in a Cell to fight Drew McIntyre, who is the former WWE Champion. Bobby captured the WWE Title a few months back and that was Bobby’s first big win for the company since he returned.

Bobby Lashley is a former MMA fighter and a former amateur wrestler. He was immediately placed in important storylines after he made his official WWE debut many years ago. He also fought some of the best WWE stars during his first run in WWE.

However, Bobby only managed to capture the ECW Title during his first run with the company, even though many people thought he could carry the top titles that are in the WWE.

Bobby Lashley on His First Hell in a Cell Match

Bobby has never been inside a Hell in a Cell.

On SK Wrestling, he stated that he knows his body is going to be punished. However, he stated that he will do anything to retain his title. “With Drew and I, just going from our WrestleMania match, it’s going to be rough, it’s going to be seriously rough,” Lashley told.

“And just putting us in this Hell In A Cell… I can only imagine how my body’s gonna feel Monday, ’cause I’m gonna do whatever it takes to take that title, and I know he’s willing to do whatever it takes to take it away from me”.

Bobby also stated that the match is most likely going to be very intense and will be ranked very high. “It’s gonna be crazy, and I think, as far as where it gets ranked, I think it’s going to be up there with one of the best”.

Bobby was actually part of a faction that included Drew and Baron Corbin. They usually fought The Shield at multiple live events. Bobby admitted that Drew actually helped him be more intense during matches. “I loved that group man because we had good energy,” Bobby Lashley said.

“I loved tagging with those guys, I loved tagging with Drew. Me and Drew always had something. It was like, whenever we were tagging together, even when I hit his hand, it was like that intensity. Drew brings out a special intensity in me.

Because I look in his eyes and I’m like, ‘man, he really wants to fight.’ And that gets me fired up, and then… sometimes that gets me fired up”.