Former WWE writer talks about Bray Wyatt's The Fiend's status

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Former WWE writer talks about Bray Wyatt's The Fiend's status

Bray Wyatt last appeared on television screens in an edition of 'Firefly Fun House' which aired on Raw immediately following WrestleMania. Alexa Bliss has in fact recently teamed up with a doll - Lilly - in the absence of The Fiend.

Speaking on 'Legion of RAW', the show organized by Sportskeeda, former WWE writer Vince Russo gave his interpretation of what is happening to the character of Wyatt. According to what was released by colleagues at PWInsider, the Stamford-based company is deliberately keeping Bray out of the spotlight.

“We were told that The Fiend was voluntarily kept away from TV. It is no coincidence that he is talked about so much, as his character is very well liked by people. The match against Randy Orton, from what we were told, went exactly 100% as we imagined it would be."

Bray Wyatt 'The Fiend' took on Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37

Vince Russo seems to have a very different opinion: “This is what often happens to these talents: they reach a point of no return where they no longer know how to manage them.

I discovered something very interesting this week. I realized that The Fiend Bray Wyatt's character has no more outlets now, they made him take a turn that is no longer reversible. That's why he's been away from the scene for so long, because they don't have any ideas about him anymore.

His fate is similar to that of so many other superstars in recent WWE history. Just think of Elias, who no longer received any chance and was shelved. When they realize that it is no longer possible to fix the situation, they tend to behave in this way”.

Russo also talked about the release of Braun Strowman: “I heard that he is one of those great country boys who are always kind and helpful. The problem is that people like him are often taken advantage of in this business.

I'm afraid that's exactly what happened." Bray Wyatt took on Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37, in a puzzling and underwhelming contest where he came up short. This was thanks to a distraction from Alexa Bliss, who was portrayed as his ally until then.

Many wondered how the Bray Wyatt vs. Alexa Bliss storyline would progress. Unfortunately, Wyatt has been missing from WWE RAW ever since. This has led many fans to wonder where the resident scary man of WWE is. There is no official word on why Bray Wyatt has been away for so long, but it may just be a question of waiting until fans are back in the arena.

Creative may also have nothing to do with him and they may be waiting for a way for the Fiend's character to evolve and transform into its next avatar, as it has done previosusly.