Booker T names his best WWE star of the future

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Booker T names his best WWE star of the future

The legend and twice WWE Hall Of Fame, Booker T, is a person who does not usually send to say, very critical of many aspects of the discipline and of many wrestlers. Perhaps this is also why we often see him commenting on the PPVs on the show that anticipates them because he is certainly the one who has the role of the one who is a little more serious and harsh in judging situations.

At the beginning of the month, for example, these were the words he reserved for one of the recent athletes released by the WWE, Aleister Black: "For me, Aleister Black was not a boy who made a difference, who did not emerge from the rest of the boys in the locker room."

But he also found himself praising stars, such as Roman Reigns, saying: "This is my boyfriend and he is definitely the number one wrestler in the industry right now" and if you want to deepen his words you can find them in our article WWE, Booker T: "That's why Roman Reigns is the best in our business."

But he wasn't limited only to Reigns, in fact, he also wanted to name an NXT wrestler who he believes has great skills to challenge even older wrestlers.

Booker T praises Adam Cole

Speaking during an episode of Rasslin ’with Brandon F.

Walker, Booker T spoke of Adam Cole as the future of wrestling, also analyzing a comparison that concerns him: “Dude, there are a lot of young guys out there, and the business landscape has changed. Big guys aren't that relevant today.

I can't wait to see how far Adam Cole will go. People always compare him to the kind of worker that Shawn Michaels is and I really think a guy like Adam Cole, even if he's a small guy, will be able to work wrestlers bigger than his own size, like a Shawn Michaels."

Surely Booker T is right about one thing: wrestling today has fortunately changed, in order to give more opportunities even to those who are not a mountain of muscle. Booker T has opined that Braun Strowman could have been released due to the huge contract that he had in WWE.

"Yeah, it definitely made me go, 'Wow!,' you know, 'Braun Strowman?' And then I started looking at it from a business perspective, you know, if it is true, the rumors out there saying Braun Strowman had a huge contract and he was making a lot of money.

When doing budget cuts, that's the one thing you're going to be thinking of - 'Who do we really need? Who's the guy we really need here to keep this thing running?'" said Booker T.