Stephanie McMahon reflects on 2021 SummerSlam

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Stephanie McMahon reflects on 2021 SummerSlam

In recent weeks, WWE appears to be focusing more and more on its next summer Big Four. We are talking about SummerSlam, the most important event of the entire calendar year of WWE, obviously after Wrestlemania, with this year's edition of the huge pay-per-view in August, which in addition to being held exceptionally on Saturday, August 21st and not on Sunday, it will also be the first Big Four that will have its entire build with a live audience in every weekly episode of Raw and Smackdown.

From next July 16th, in fact, WWE will return as they say "on the road", that is, it will return to travel from city to city, to bring the weekly episodes of tapings and then Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, in 25 cities different, with the first ppv returning to an arena normally full and crammed with screaming fans, which will be Money in the Bank.

Stephanie McMahon gave some interesting news regarding SummerSlam, which is set to take place in August this year. The show will take place at Allegiant Stadium in the Las Vegas suburb of Paradise, Nevada. While no matches have been officially announced for it yet, reports have suggested that WWE is going to go all out with the show.

Stephanie McMahon reflects on 2021 SummerSlam

Recently interviewed by the microphones of Yahoo Finance, the youngest daughter of Vince McMahon, as well as vice president of the family company, Stephanie McMahon, wife of the COO of the federation, Triple H, wanted to reveal how the federation has some big plans for the most anticipated event of the 'summer.

Pressed about her return to the ring as a wrestler, as has happened several times over the years, most recently against Baddest Woman on the Planet, Ronda Rousey, Stephanie said: "Since Ronda Rousey broke my arm, I have suffered from post-traumatic disorders.

I'm not sure you'll see me in the ring again any time soon, but I can guarantee you that for SummerSlam, there will be a lot of surprises." Although Stephanie McMahon didn't let any other clues escape what these surprises are, let alone do they do.

part of the female sector of the company or not, the fans would already have a lot of hype for the event, not to mention how there are still a few months before the event. From now to Summerslam, the various Hell in a Cell and Money in the Bank are still missing to be staged for WWE and certainly, the company has many other surprises in store for its fans already for these two great events.