Charlotte Flair reveals why she skipped WrestleMania

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Charlotte Flair reveals why she skipped WrestleMania

One of the most influential characters of the WWE rosters, who missed the WrestleMania 37 card, was undoubtedly Charlotte Flair, an athlete who initially should have even been included in a titled match against the Japanese who at the time held the title of Raw Women's Champion, Asuka.

After a segment that aired on Monday Night Raw, where the WWE Queen had openly challenged Asuka to a match titled for Wrestlemania 37, Charlotte disappeared from the scene for a few weeks, reappearing only the week after the Showcase of the Immortals, when by now Rhea Ripley had already made her the title of champion of the red roster.

Although the news emerged online that Charlotte Flair had the covid, in theory for the timing that divided the emergence of this news, from the show of the shows, Charlotte could have taken part in Wrestlemania, but it did not.

Charlotte on WrestleMania 37

Charlotte Flair recently sat down with Graham Matthews of Bleacher Report to talk about a variety of subjects. While Flair acknowledges she's had a lot of reigns as champion, she hasn't been thrilled with her recent title runs.

"Yes, I'm the 13-time champion, but really, in the last couple of years, I have not had a successful title run," Charlotte Flair said. "Yes, I've been in the title picture non-stop, but besides the tag titles, I haven't been the champion, but people just associate me [with that].

So, [I'm thinking], 'Play into that, go with that,' but I have been chasing. At the same time, like I said on Raw Talk, do I need a title to be Charlotte Flair? Absolutely not. Am I going to go into this any different? Absolutely not”.

In her latest interview with the New York Post, Charlotte Flair wanted to reveal why she really skipped the show of the shows, saying: "Oh man, it was really tough. But again, it's like when you come back from something, I had to do it in the best way of my career.

I also wanted to come back thinking about the fact that I could have done my hair curly and not straight or do something fun with my ring gear, saying something like 'Ok, I have to look different in something' I wanted to have even more fun, becoming totally heel, being a bad girl.

I wanted to tell people things they didn't necessarily need, like my post-WrestleMania promo, where I said I was the opportunity. I think I was kept out because of COVID, they didn't wait for me to be completely okay to reinstate or not.

And it was the perfect opportunity for Rhea. Even though she was really tough. She was really tough for me to skip Mania, but I think I came back even stronger, in the best version of me, despite being difficult."