Latest update on the feud between Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio

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Latest update on the feud between Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio

WWE literally shocked the WWE Universe with a surprise move regarding the Main Event between Rey Mysterio and Roman Reigns who were originally going to play the WWE Universal Championship at Hell in A Cell and ultimately saw this match move to Friday Night Smackdown.

This choice caused quite a stir as moving a match from Pay Per View to SmackDown made very little sense. The feud between Rey Mysterio and Roman Reigns was born when the Tribal Chief attacked Rey and his son Dominik Mysterio during a match with the couple who were winning a Tag Team Match against the Usos, cousins of Roman Reigns.

Rey Mysterio had challenged Roman Reigns

This is an unprecedented move by WWE. Moving an advertised pay-per-view match to SmackDown doesn't make much sense. Rey Mysterio had challenged Roman Reigns to face him inside Hell in a Cell this Sunday.

The feud began when The Tribal Chief assaulted Mysterio and his son Dominik after the father-son duo were about to beat Reigns' cousins The Usos in a tag-team match. During the last episode of Wrestling Observer Newsletter Dave Meltzer tried to clarify the real reason why WWE moved this meeting by removing it from Pay per View.

According to Meltzer, the goal is to remove the WWE Tribal Chief from this Pay per View, here are his words: "I still don't find any real reason and any sense for what happened. We were told that we cannot officially say the reason for this choice but there have simply been a lot of discussions backstage and we have opted to do this match at SmackDown.

With the exception of sensational things, this means that Roman Reigns will not participate in the next Pay Per View event, which will be held on Sunday 20 June." Meltzer then tried to clarify the reason for this match as it appears quite predictable that Roman Reigns will be able to keep the title.

Here are his words: "This match was made to allow Roman Reigns to duel against a great wrestler and allow the Tribal Chief to increase his role as Heel, I think no one among fans and insiders expects Roman Reigns to lose this match."

All of this is somewhat unexpected given that Roman Reigns is the main protagonist of the Main Roster and leaving him out of the main Hell in A Cell card leaves many doubts. Leaving Roman Reigns, their star performer, out of the upcoming pay-per-view is a head-scratching decision by the company.