Becky Lynch is close to making a return to the wrestling rings

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Becky Lynch is close to making a return to the wrestling rings

Becky Lynch has now been absent from the ring for more than a year, since on the occasion of the episode of Raw, after Money In The Bank 2020, she announced that she had to give up her title of Raw champion on account of her pregnancy.

In fact, The Man, on December 4, 2020, gave birth to a girl named Roux, also the daughter of her boyfriend and soon husband Seth Rollins, dedicating herself completely to the life of a mother. Obviously, after the birth of the child, rumors were circulating about a possible return of her already to the Royal Rumble, with Becky who had even teased the fans on social networks with the photo of the tent that was there just before the stage in the arenas.

The rumors of her returning to the Grandaddy Of Them All were later confirmed, but her plans were simply blown. But recently, very important news emerged about her possible return to WWE, with her fans who have not been waiting for anything else for a long time.

Becky Lynch was at the WWE Performance Center this week

Former Raw champion Becky Lynch was at the Performance Center this week, reported. The visit was featured on as part of the process for Becky's return to action in WWE after the birth of her daughter Roux.

If all this were to go through and the woman was really ready to return to wrestling in a wrestling ring, the cards on the table could change for the company and for the entire women's division, which has certainly been deprived of a fundamental piece.

when Becky had to go away. There has also been a lot of talk recently about Summerslam, which according to Stephanie McMahon will be full of surprises. Will Becky Lynch be one of these surprises? We strongly hope so. Sheamus was asked earlier this month about Becky Lynch, and he gave no hint of her returning any time soon.

Speaking to Vibe and Wrestling, he said: "I don't know when she's gonna come back. I'm not gonna ask her. It's none of my business to ask her that or what the plan is for the future but I think, going into live events with fans, we'd love to have her back.

Again, I've no idea. I miss her and I know everybody else missed her too so everyone's excited if she does come back or when she does come back. That question can only be answered by her."