*Spoiler* On SmackDown: Otis is a pale shadow of his former gimmick


*Spoiler* On SmackDown: Otis is a pale shadow of his former gimmick

The direction shows us a recap of what has happened in recent weeks and in particular in the clashes between the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and his cousin Jimmy Uso. At the end of that, we see Jimmy go to Roman and agree with him about his concept of family, Jimmy says that he may not agree with everything he does, but they have the same blood and so if he needs his help he will help him.

Roman refuses and actually tells him to call his brother, at the moment he only needs Jey Uso. Despite Jimmy's 'good word' things still don't seem to be making peace between the two cousins, we'll see how the situation evolves.

As Roman Reigns prepares backstage, Cesaro is interviewed and talks about his rivalry with Seth Rollins. Seth intervenes who says that he doesn't want to fight now but only says that Cesaro disgusts him and that he doesn't deserve anything, Cesaro tells him that on Sunday he will change his mind and pushes him from his chair.

We have reached the Main Event of this episode of SmackDown, the first Hell in A Cell in the history of the blue show. Man, somehow serious Otis on WWE SmackDown just falls short! Remember how popular he was as the lovable goofy big guy, once upon a time?

SmackDown: Otis has changed a lot in the past few months

When Vince McMahon believed in him and awarded him the Money in the Bank briefcase? Beardless Otis is a pale shadow of his former gimmick.

REY MYSTERIO VS ROMAN REIGNS (WWE UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP HELL IN A CELL MATCH) Mysterio takes a chair from under the ring and starts hitting the opponent several times, Roman doesn't seem to get upset and starts chasing him, Rey takes a fire extinguisher and hits Roman which starts to be sore.

Upon returning from advertising we still see Rey hitting the opponent or a steel chair, but the champion reacts and first hits Rey and then sends him to the wall. Superman Punch by Roman Reigns, PowerBomb and the Tribal Chief is meeting, Mysterio does not give up and hits the opponent with a 619 and then with a Frog Splash.

However, Reigns does not seem to be in trouble that at the third Frog Splash blocks the opponent and throws him on the cage. Later he makes him give in with a new submission maneuver, Guillotine Vuole. At the end of the match, Jimmy Uso arrives and raises his cousin's arm while Reigns attacks Rey Mysterio again.

Thus ends this episode of SmackDown, once again in the sign of the Tribal Chief and I can not help but greet you in view of Hell in A Cell.

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