The women's division is delighted with Becky Lynch's return


The women's division is delighted with Becky Lynch's return
The women's division is delighted with Becky Lynch's return

Recently, we brought you the news that Becky Lynch is close to returning and there seems to be a positive atmosphere around this return. It has now become clear to everyone that since Becky took a break to become a mother, the women's division has undergone a sharp change in match booking and feuding.

Surely those who are most affected by this fact are the women of the WWE roster, in particular, those of Raw because it can be safely said that they have lost the leader of the locker room. Following the news of Becky's sighting at the Performance Center, additional details have emerged that may help us understand a little more about her situation around her imminent return to the wrestling ring.

Backstage news on Becky Lynch

American site Fighful confirmed that Becky Lynch was at the Performance Center, specifying that she was seen on Thursday, June 17. Plus, she added that many people at the Performance Center said that Becky was very "pumped" (a way of saying she is muscular) and that she seemed like she never left the company for a break.

But no one seems to have seen her train. Instead, she is rumored to have participated in some live PC matches that took place during this week. But the most sensational and potentially very beautiful news is that many women on the main roster have pointed out to Fighful that they hope that Becky's return will improve the booking situation of the women's division.

Surely in this last year, without a figure that is really so important for the WWE from many points of view, both in the ring and in terms of promotion and media, the company has lost a bit and paying the consequences was mainly the division.

female. We hope this return can be a new starting point on which to build better storylines that can stimulate all wrestlers to give their best and show the world how much they are worth. Sheamus was asked earlier this month about Becky Lynch, and he gave no hint of her returning any time soon.

Speaking to Vibe and Wrestling, he said: "Becky to me is like a sister. She really is. I love her to bits. [I'm] super close to her. She went out there and she made herself. There is no doubt about it. She wasn't on the radar. She went out there every week, she tore it down and she made herself relevant despite the booking.

The cream always rises to the top, and that's exactly what happened for her," Sheamus continued. "She went down there and was herself and did what she believed in. I think we're definitely missing her. She's a superstar. She's up there with her with the greats of the past and the greats of the future."

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