Top journalist discusses Brock Lesnar's future

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Top journalist discusses Brock Lesnar's future

Lastly, there has been nothing but talk of Brock Lesnar and his elusive return, coinciding with the return of WWE on the road. From July 16th, WWE will return to broadcast its weekly shows and all its ppv from arenas full of people, with the United States, just like the rest of the world, slowly returning to normal, even reopening stadiums, palaces, arenas, cinemas and theaters, after a terrible year of global pandemic that has brought entire markets of our globe to their knees.

Apparently, that of Lesnar was one of the most sought after and acclaimed names in recent weeks, because one of the possible and eligible names that the McMahon-owned company could have recalled for this eventuality and that is to return to the scene with all its most important shows in front of a live audience.

Apparently, the McMahons had also organized everything in the smallest details, but from what emerged in the last few hours, everything would have been blown, at least as regards Summerslam, the next Big Four of the company which, like every year, will be staged in August, even if this year it will be sensationally on Saturday and not on Sunday.

The chances of Brock Lesnar returning at SummerSlam are slim

As reported in the last few hours by the well-known podcast Mat Men Pro Wrestling, it would seem that WWE has trashed some very important plans for Brock Lesnar in Summerslam, preferring instead to focus on John Cena in the Big Four main event at the moment.

From the words of Andrew Zarian, who is now becoming one of the staples of web wrestling, previewing all the rumors and the most important rumors from inside the WWE backstage, we learn that: "WWE originally wanted to strike a deal with Brock for Summerslam and eventually changed their minds, focusing the main event on Cena."

With this sensational twist, we therefore become aware of two very important news, which at the moment, however, remain only two rumors, of course, namely that on the one hand the WWE has momentarily downloaded again Lesnar, but on the other it will focus a lot on the other.

returning, John Cena, after more than a year of absence from the rings of the McMahon-owned company. However, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the chances of Brock Lesnar returning at SummerSlam are slim.

Instead, the journalist believes the Beast Incarnate could return for the Saudi Arabian pay-per-view later this year. He said: "While there are a lot of rumors regarding the return of Lesnar, as of 6/15 there was no deal for him to return imminently.

Of course it always could happen especially with the Saudi show late in the year and next year's Mania. SummerSlam would also make sense but right now that's still not anything agreed to nor expected at this point."