Vickie Guerrero pays tribute to Dominik Mysterio

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Vickie Guerrero pays tribute to Dominik Mysterio

WWE fans will remember how Dominik Mysterio made his first TV appearance back in 2005, ending up at the center of the historic feud between his father Rey and his great friend Eddie Guerrero. The aforementioned rivalry continued until SummerSlam, where Rey defeated the late Eddie by securing the right to keep custody of Dominik.

Almost 16 years later, Dominik finds himself sharing the ring with Rey, having graduated from tag team champions in one of the most memorable moments of the last year and a half. Speaking on the podcast 'It's Our House', Eddie's wife - namely Vickie Guerrero - told about Dominik's beginnings in this business, highlighting its extraordinary naturalness in front of the cameras.

“He was incredibly natural, he looked like someone who had been involved with wrestling for years and years. You had a hard time noticing the difference with the boys and girls who were involved in the shows from Monday to Friday,” recalled Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie Guerrero on Dominik Mysterio

“Dominik Mysterio immediately showed that he possessed exceptional talent, we were delighted to watch him and followed their plots with great pleasure,” she added. The former general manager of Raw and SmackDown was known for her shrill and annoying voice, which was joined by a character who was hateful to the fans, to say the least.

"When I joined WWE, I was the oldest woman on the roster. There was a noticeable age difference with most of the superstars I worked with. From there the idea of ​​my character was born, which suited the situation perfectly and I liked it.

It took me some time to figure out which was the best way for me, but then I had no more doubts and I'm sure I made the right choice,” she explained. Vickie currently collaborates with AEW, where she played an important role in Nyla Rose's growth.

Recently, she added a major new client to her roster by introducing former WWE star Andrade. Vickie Guerrero put out a tweet talking about how after Eddie Guerrero passed away, WWE has helped her. She said that in 2006, she came to an agreement with WWE regarding owning the rights to Eddie Guerrero's name, image, and likeness.

Vickie Guerrero went on to say that Vince McMahon was the saving grace in her life at the time and helped her to get issues regarding lawsuits from Eddie Guerrero's ex, debt, and other things settled. She also mentioned that further details about this period of her life would be revealed in her upcoming autobiography.