Has WWE already put an end to Cesaro's push?

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Has WWE already put an end to Cesaro's push?

In recent weeks, it seemed that Cesaro might have finally reached that much-coveted main event for years, which WWE hasn't granted him for his entire career, with the title match coming to Wrestlemania Backlash and valid for the Universal Championship against Roman.

Reigns, which was supposed to be for the fans the consecration of the Swiss of the McMahon blue show. Apparently, of course, this was not the case, with Cesaro who in addition to losing his chance to win the title was also annihilated by the Tribal Chief of the WWE Friday night show and has since disappeared from the top of the card of the Stamford-based federation, both from the titled round and from the category champions, of all kinds.

Apparently, the quick push received by the Swiss Cyborg may already be over, before being able to take him to the Olympus of pro-wrestling, as fans have been shouting for several years now.

Cesaro sent a message to his former tag team partner Sheamus

As stated by Dave Meltzer, in his latest Newsletter released to the Wrestling Observer, it would seem that Cesaro was just the wrestler in the right place, at the right time, for a short moment and now he is returning to being the usual mid-carder that Vince McMahon loves, but not too much.

Dave Meltzer said: "He will go back to where he has always been. He was brought up there because they needed an opponent for Roman Reigns and you know, Daniel Bryan sent him over and then over and over and over and over and over again, to make him ready.

Look, Cesaro has been around for how many years now? If Vince McMahon had wanted him to enter the main event he would have done so seven years ago. This is the slot where they inserted it. Roman needed an opponent and they warmed him up for a while.

Now he'll go elsewhere, probably continuing with some ideas with Seth. You know, Seth oversaw him anyway and now it's his turn to overshoot Seth. This was probably already determined several months ago." Together, Cesaro and Sheamus were one of the most well-established tag teams in recent memory.

After they competed in a series of matches against each another, then-RAW General Manager Mick Foley paired the duo together. The two men named their team The Bar, and they went on to enjoy plenty of success together. The Bar won the RAW Tag Team Championships on four different occasions. Cesaro and Sheamus also captured the SmackDown Tag Team Championships once.