New details on Aleister Black's current status

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New details on Aleister Black's current status

In recent weeks, like a bolt from the blue, news that is quite unexpected and shocking has come to interrupt the tranquility of the WWE Universe. After several releases, even quite phoned in recent months, WWE has seen fit to release also very important characters from the main roster, overnight, such as Lana, Aleister Black or Braun Strowman.

If for Lana the thing could almost be taken for granted, given its use in recent years, for the two men of the upper card/main event of the WWE, all this was really shocking for all the fans and insiders of the company, including some executives who did not know anything until it became official.

Although Aleister Black had returned alone a week to show up in the WWE rings, the patron preferred to trash all the plans on him, preferring the dismissal to the projects already written for the next few weeks, which among other things have also blocked the imminent future of Big E, who was supposed to be involved in a feud of his own against the dark man of Smackdown.

Aleister Black signed with WWE in 2016

According to what was revealed in the last hours by the well-known Dave Meltzer, in one of his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletters, it would seem that WWE now has so much power in hand for Aleister Black's future, given that for 90 days he will not be able to marry in any world federation and in the meantime, the same WWE could still present different offers from its previous agreement to the wrestler, with a lot of time available to correct the shot, as already done with Drake Maverick last year.

In his latest Newsletter, Meltzer stated in fact: "I know that many guys who had been cut over the past few years were eventually offered new contracts with far less money on the plate and several of them agreed to come back anyway.

So, again, maybe they'll do the same thing with the money offered to him because if they don't, I think it gets difficult at this point. All of them are different. Everyone has their priorities and demands of him. Of course, he has some, too, unofficially, because he's not allowed to negotiate with anyone yet, but from what I've heard, at some point, I don't know how many days later he might be joining AEW.

Officially, there are no agreements of any kind until at least the end of August, before he can leave, we'll see." In February 2019, Aleister Black made his main roster debut on WWE RAW. Despite a great start to life on the main roster, Black was ultimately lost in the shuffle after Paul Heyman was let go from his position on RAW. A move to SmackDown in the 2020 WWE Draft looked promising but didn't end up leading to much either.