Kevin Owens takes a break from WWE

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Kevin Owens takes a break from WWE

Last night, WWE presented the 2021 edition of Hell in a Cell, the last PPV to take place inside the ThunderDome before the return of the public which, after almost a year and a half, will take place next month on the occasion of the pre- Money in the Bank by SmackDown.

The show has now passed to the archives and fans are discussing the quality of the event, between those who enjoyed watching the various matches and those who criticized the purpose of the event, judged to be of insufficient importance.

But among the protagonists of Hell in a Cell, there is one who a few hours ago, on Twitter, expressed his intention to take a break after last night's performance. We are talking about Kevin Owens, who in Hell in a Cell had to suffer a painful defeat against the eternal enemy-friend Sami Zayn, in a match strongly conditioned by the attack on the throat of Commander Azeez of the last episode of SmackDown.

Owens reflected on the defeat and published a tweet that suggested a break with an unspecified duration:

What do you make of Kevin Owens' announcement?

"I fought like hell. Now, I need a little break. I'll be back soon.

Thanks, guys." Without too many explanations or clarifications, Kevin Owens has thus announced to his fans that he has to take a period away from the spotlight, with the promise to return soon. At the moment the reasons for this decision are not known and it is not known if this break depends on the will of the wrestler himself, who could take a few weeks away from the ring for personal reasons, or by a decision of the WWE, or for lack of direction and ideas.

for the character or to sell the recent and numerous orchestrated assaults by intercontinental champion Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez. For his part, winner Sami Zayn attributed his success to karma after months and months of believing he was the victim of a conspiracy against him.

Owens was brought into WWE NXT in 2014 and it didn't take long for the Prizefighter to climb the ranks of the Black and Gold Brand. He soon turned on his long-time friend Sami Zayn at NXT TakeOver: R Evolution. Zayn was the NXT Champion at the time.

This resulted in Owens challenging Zayn for a match for the NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver: Rival. To this day, the match is considered one of the most impactful matches in WWE NXT history because of its brutal ending. Kevin Owens repeatedly powerbombed Zayn until Zayn was unable to defend himself anymore and the referee had to call for the bell. Owens stood tall as the new top star of NXT after dethroning his best friend for the championship.