Kurt Angle on working with Shane McMahon

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Kurt Angle on working with Shane McMahon

Kurt Angle has been the protagonist of some bloody battles during his long career, making him one of the best performers to ever set foot in the WWE ring. One of his most brutal encounters is undoubtedly the one that took place at 'King of the Ring' back in 2001.

The former Olympic gold medalist faced Shane McMahon in an unforgettable street fight, which obviously received the title of 'Match of the Night' Angle and Conrad Thompson covered the 26-minute challenge during the latest edition of the 'Kurt Angle Show'

On this occasion, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed some interesting details about the dispute. Vince McMahon's son gave Kurt a painful eyesore during the match, a mistake that sparked the ire of the former heavyweight champion.

Kurt Angle on working with Shane McMahon

“Shane McMahon ended up punching me in the eye during a sequence. They had to put six stitches on me. I got really angry! I don't remember much from my concussion, but a week later he came to me and he told me I was really mad.

I kept saying: 'Look what you did to my face, you son of a bitch!'” said Kurt Angle. “Here's where he gets me. As soon as I saw the blood dripping from my face, I became a beast. Shane must have been frightened when he noticed my reaction.

Shane's unplanned punch added some realism to the street fight," he continued. Kurt Angle has always envied Shane's ability to perform amazing stunts without sustaining significant injuries. “I'm surprised he's not in a wheelchair, I have to be honest.

It is not a lack of respect towards him, but only a fact. Some of the things he does border on the edge of madness, it's incredible. He is not afraid when it comes to putting his health on the line for the success of a single match"

Shane McMahon is an American professional wrestler, businessman, and the vice-chairman of Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc, formerly Wecast Holdings Inc. McMahon initially started his career as a wrestling referee and is currently also a minority owner of WWE where he appears on both the Raw and SmackDown Live brand as an on-screen authority figure and wrestler.

Shane McMahon is a fourth-generation wrestling promoter as a member of the McMahon Family and began working in WWE at age 15, starting in their warehouse, where he filled merchandise orders. Shane McMahon is also a former European Champion, Hardcore Champion (both titles now defunct), former SmackDown Live Tag Team Champion (with The Miz), and also won the 2018 WWE World Cup and started promoting himself as “The Best in the World”.