Nikki Cross comments on her recent change

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Nikki Cross comments on her recent change

In the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, a new character made his debut in the rings of the McMahon-owned company, staged by the Scottish federation, Nikki Cross. Engaged in a tag team match against former WWE duo champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax, alongside the obscure Alexa Bliss, Nikki wanted to show herself how you do it up to now to WWE Universe fans, dressing as one heroine could have done, complete with a mask and cloak in tow.

Apparently, according to what has been confirmed recently by several very authoritative sources of web wrestling, the choice to create this character and to bring him to the scene was precisely of Nikki Cross herself, who would have found the top executives of the WWE in agreement.

in recent weeks and during the episode on Monday he would have staged this "debut", right alongside Alexa Bliss, his former on-screen best friend.

Nikki Cross debuted a different side of herself

Although the idea started right from the Cross, there would have been the hand of some expert behind the actual creation of the Scottish girl's ring outfit and in this case a very good and very famous cartoonist from overseas came to her rescue, let's talk in fact of Rob Downie, who confessed in the last hours to having helped Nikki Cross with the creation of her character, only a few days ago, also showing the comic dedicated to her, which was then taken as a starting point to build the ring attire and the girl's look for Monday Night Raw.

Rob Downie is not new to working on characters and projects related to the WWE, in the past years, in fact, the overseas cartoonist has created the most bizarre drawings and caricatures dedicated to the characters of the McMahon-owned company, a bit like it happens with the our very Italian Donato Soranno, who you can find on all social networks under the pseudonym of Otanod, who every week draws some comics dedicated to the WWE world and is also having a large following among the Superstars of the company.

Nikki Cross also addressed this change on the newest episode of WWE RAW Talk: "When I throw on this cape, when I throw on this mask, when I throw on these wrist guantlets of power and spirit, when I throw on this armband, when I put on this outfit, I feel like I can try anything," said Cross.

"I might fail, and I might fall down, but here's the thing: I'm gonna keep trying and I'm gonna keep getting back up because I have to believe in myself," Cross continued.