Former WWE star Westin Blake should have started a feud with the Mysterios

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Former WWE star Westin Blake should have started a feud with the Mysterios

Former WWE superstar Westin Blake recently spoke of a nullified feud with the Mysterio and Murphy family on SmackDown. The former member of the 'Forgotten Sons' was interviewed by Riju Dasgupta for Sportskeeda, a long chat in which he was able to reveal some interesting background dating back to a few months before his release from WWE.

Steve Cutler and Westin Blake teamed up with King Corbin at the end of 2020, helping him defeat Murphy in the December 4, 2020 episode of SmackDown. Murphy was later removed from television screens, the same fate befell Blake and Cutler.

The latter was dismissed from the Stamford-based federation on February 4, 2021, while Blake was sacked immediately after WrestleMania 37. Dominik and Rey Mysterio, for their part, continued their rise in the tag team division to clinch the belts at Backlash.

Westin Blake was one of the WWE Superstars released from his contract

“When we got close to the top, we should have started a storyline with Buddy Murphy and the Mysterio family, as their rivalry with Seth Rollins was over.

We were ready to dive into such a story, it would have been really exciting. The original plan was to clash over a couple of pay-per-views, at least that was anticipated. Time passed and none of what was promised happened. Towards the end of the year, Rey and Dominik left for a while.

I seem to remember one of their family members contracted COVID, so they took a two or three-week break. Buddy had come in contact with a positive, so he too was kept away for some time. The plot kept slipping more and more. Then eventually Steve got COVID too.

After that event, I was told that that project would never go through. Things went exactly the way I told you,” said a bitter Westin Blake. Westin Blake did not rule out the possibility of coming back to WWE NXT like Samoa Joe, but also mentioned AEW, IMPACT Wrestling, NJPW, MLW, and NWA as places he wouldn't mind wrestling at.

And during the course of the said interview, he mentioned a reunion with former WWE star Buddy Murphy. "Buddy Murphy is another name that sadly, very talented, got released recently and I mean the opportunities of working back with Buddy would be a lot of fun," said Blake.

Blake also brought up the possibility of working with Steve Cutler, his partner from the WWE SmackDown duo - Knights of the Lone Wolf, as well as the NXT & SmackDown squad- The Forgotten Sons. Cutler, incidentally, goes by the name Steve Maclin on IMPACT Wrestling.