Kurt Angle admits he still has major physical problems

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Kurt Angle admits he still has major physical problems

The life of a pro-wrestler is probably one of the most difficult lives an athlete can face, especially if that athlete worked in the WWE rings between the 90s and 2000s, where injuries, drugs, anabolics and everything that is harmful to our body, were on the agenda.

In addition to all these banned and absolutely harmful substances for the human body, the way of wrestling has also changed considerably in recent years. If once seeing straight headshots in the head was the order of the day, as seeing more headshots of wrestlers was truly entertaining and common in WWE rings, for a few years now, WWE would have banned such maneuvers, given that many athletes of that period of its history have had significant health problems related to the continuous trauma suffered to the head, neck and all sensitive areas of our body.

One of the most massacred athletes from a thirty-year career, was also Kurt Angle, first amateur wrestler and then pro-wrestler, who also fought in an Olympic edition with a fractured neck, his weak point since those times.

In his latest episode of the Kurt Angle Show, the WWE Hall of Famer of the McMahon family wanted to tell about his current situation with his body and all the pain he feels after a devastating career like his.

Kurt Angle has had an outstanding pro wrestling career

Angle said, "I feel extreme pain every single day.

I do rehabilitations for my whole body all day. I do neck pull-ups. I do a therapy called 'Iron Neck', where you have to train the neck. I also have the anti-gravity machine for shooting. I do stretching. I do a lot of weight lifting.

I work on my body at least 2-3 hours a day. I must do it. Otherwise I'm done. I sacrificed my body for professional wrestling and amateur wrestling. I have to blame both sports, not just one. And now I'm paying for it, but I can still control it.

I had a problem with painkillers and took them out 8 years ago now. Not taking any kind of painkillers anymore is very difficult, but I will never go back to that stuff, nor do I want to. I will continue to work on my body, exercising every day and doing everything I do now."

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Mickie James revealed how she ended up in IMPACT after being released from WWE in 2010 with Kurt Angle playing an integral role in her decision: "I remember when IMPACT called me.

Dixie [Carter] called me and I was like 'Dixie, I just don't want to. I'm so heartbroken, I have zero desire to do anything right now like I don't want to do anything,' and she kept calling, she had Kurt [Angle] call me.

Kurt was the one who actually talked me into going to IMPACT. It was Kurt who called me and talked me into it because he's just amazing and it's Kurt Angle. No disrespect to Dixie, I love Dixie too, she's awesome."