Will Zelina Vega also join AEW?

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Will Zelina Vega also join AEW?

In the past two years, several of the WWE athletes who have been released or who have applied for their own release have joined All Elite Wrestling, the second largest company in the United States, led by Tony Khan, an American billionaire, who is trying in every way to give a hard time to the number one company in the world, WWE McMahon.

Over the past few weeks, even a very important character seen in the Raw rings and at NXT has made his sensational passage in the AEW rings, let's talk about Charlotte Flair's boyfriend: Andrade. In one of the last episodes of Dynamite, the Mexican appeared by surprise alongside Vickie Guerrero, widow of the late WWE hero of Mexican origins, also under contract with the Khans for a few months.

Apparently, however, Andrade may not be the only ex WWE of South American origins to step into the AEW rings, given that El Idolo himself wanted to promise new surprises in his latest interview, released to Jim Ross in that of Dynamite.

Zelina Vega was surprisingly released by WWE towards the end of 2020, after a conflict surrounding the company's third-party platform rules. Like most WWE Superstars who are released from the company, Vega was subject to a 90-day non-compete clause, which ended on February 11.

Will Zelina Vega also join AEW?

In this famous interview, Andrade promised great news in addition to the twinning with Vickie Guerrero seen a few days ago in the rings of an episode of the AEW flagship show, but he did not let himself go to any name, nor to any feature or clue.

What left the fans very intrigued, however, was the message written on their Twitter account, by the wife of Aleister Black better known now also as Tommy End, recently fired by WWE, with Zelina Vega who in fact posted this, immediately after having heard Andrade's interview.

At the moment there is nothing official, but if it is true that three clues are a proof, now we only have to wait for the third, before understanding whether Thea Trinidad or Zelina Vega as you prefer, will return to be seen on rings that count as those of AEW, after having spent several months already alongside Andrade on Monday Night Raw, when the two formed an alliance also with Angel Garza and then also with Austin Theory.

Earlier this week, Zelina Vega's WWE client Andrade was also released, but it is thought that he is not subject to the usual non-compete clause. Since her release, Zelina Vega has been active on social media and also on her Twitch account. On Twitter, she voiced her support for Andrade following his release last week.