Vince Russo didn't like a Raw segment

Jaxson Ryker will face Elias in the next episode of Monday Night Raw

by Simone Brugnoli
Vince Russo didn't like a Raw segment

Jaxson Ryker will face Elias in the next episode of Monday Night Raw. News of the 'strap match' between the two surfaced backstage during a conversation between Ryker and Mansoor. The latter then received a series of advice from Ali, who was right there nearby.

During the latest edition of 'Legion of RAW', the show that airs every week on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo harshly criticized the segment for how it was structured. “I didn't like it at all, I have to be very honest.

There was a backstage conversation between Ryker and Mansoor and then Ali intervened. How does a producer allow such a thing to go on television? It's awful. The acting level was from primary school, not even in high school is that terrible.

What exactly are the people behind the scenes doing? You're killing your talents when you air such havoc. It was an embarrassing moment for everyone” - said Russo.

Vince Russo didn't like a Raw segment

Vince Russo also didn't like the Raw main event, in which Bobby Lashley defended the WWE title from the assault of Xavier Woods in a 'Hell in a Cell Match'

“We know Kofi Kingston will start a rivalry with Lashley, so what does Xavier Woods have to do now? Towards the end of the match, Woods was locked in Hurt Lock. It was seen that MVP closed the cage, while Kofi was forced to watch his friend's fate helplessly.

I did not understand the reason for this choice, I do not find any sense. You let Kingston into the cage and let him save his friend, but Kofi's helpless presence took away any credibility in the main event," Vince Russo analyzed.

In the pay-per-view 'Hell in a Cell', Lashley successfully defended the WWE Championship against Drew McIntyre. MVP's intervention was crucial in securing victory for Bobby, who was good at capitalizing on his opportunities unlike the 'Scottish Warrior'

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns was initially scheduled to defend his title against Rey Mysterio at Hell in a Cell. However, this match was moved to SmackDown at the last minute. Both superstars locked horns in an entertaining match on Friday.

In the end, Reigns retained his championship by picking up a convincing victory over one-half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Despite his victory, Reigns decided to punish Rey Mysterio a little more inside the ring. He attacked his opponent after the match and demanded the fallen challenger to “acknowledge” him.

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