Mick Foley believes Vader is a glaring omission from WWE HOF

Foley lost his right ear during a WCW live event match

by Simone Brugnoli
Mick Foley believes Vader is a glaring omission from WWE HOF

Mick Foley believes that Vader (whose real name was Leon White) is an obvious omission within the Vince McMahon Hall of Fame. Foley, who joined the HOF in 2013, has had numerous fights with Vader during their legendary careers in this business.

In 1994, Mick sustained a severe right ear injury during a WCW live event against Vader in Munich, Germany. Although many know Vader from his WWE stint between 1996 and 1998, he has had great success working for other federations as well.

In fact, his highest accolades came in WCW and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Vader died in 2018 at the age of 63 after a battle of about a month with pneumonia. He also had several heart problems in the later years of his life.

Mick Foley had many battles with Vader throughout their careers

"In my opinion, Leon is one of the obvious shortcomings in the WWE Hall of Fame" - confided Mick Foley.

“He was one of the best-known athletes around the world, he had an incredible talent. I remember that Shawn Michaels himself was impressed the first time he saw Vader fight live” - he added. Mick later revealed that he asked Vince McMahon to cancel his 1999 turn heel.

“I remember phoning him and saying I didn't want to do that turn heel. I felt that this was not the desire of the people. My character was still doing well and my feeling with the fans was great. My stance has allowed people to have great memories of 'The Rock' n 'Sock Connection'

Some argue that we were the best tag team in history, even if they may not remember a single match accurately. This means we made them feel alive when they admired us in the ring. Emotions are everything in the world of wrestling,” he commented.

Speaking on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions show, Mick Foley said the pre-taped SmackDown match had to be edited due to his “really awkward” mistakes. Following the match, Vince McMahon told Foley that his in-ring career was over.

“I did my move where I think Bob [Hardcore] Holly catches the boot, spins me, and I fell down. I made a couple of really awkward mistakes that I really let down because I always put a lot of pride in my performance. I didn’t wanna be the guy phoning it in.

That night I really felt like I let myself down. Vince said, ‘Mick, you’ve just had your last match.’ I was like, ‘You sure you don’t want me to do…’ ‘No, that’s it.’”

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