Former WWE star opens up on Jimmy Uso

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Former WWE star opens up on Jimmy Uso

In recent weeks in WWE, there has been the return of Jimmy Uso who has had a cryptic attitude towards WWE Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. Initially, the cousin did not appreciate the behaviors of the WWE Universal Champion but as the situation has changed over the weeks and in the last few episodes we have seen Jimmy go more and more to the side of the cousin.

What intrigued the WWE Universe is the 'disappearance' of Jey Uso, who didn't appear in the last two episodes of the blue roster. Meanwhile, Roman Reigns 'tested' Jimmy Uso in a match tonight and Jimmy won the challenge by beating Dolph Ziggler in a Singles Match.

At the end of the match, Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman did not comment and went to the ring to celebrate Hell's victory in A Cell without bringing Jimmy. In the final segment of Smackdown, the Rated-R Superstar Edge returned after Wrestlemania 37.

The Canadian wrestler got off to a good start by attacking with a Spear Roman Reigns. At one point Jimmy Uso stepped in to help his cousin but Edge threw him over the fence and the Friday Night Smackdown episode ended with Edge just standing in the ring.

Dutch Mantell on Jimmy Uso

Speaking to SmackTalk, Sportkeeda's program, wrestling legend Dutch Mantell commented on the latest on the blue show and most importantly commented on the situation between Jimmy Uso and WWE Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

Here are her words about it: "Roman Reigns is one of the greatest Heels we've ever seen, he's a real bully. He talks about a united family, but he doesn't give a damn about anyone and sends his cousin out of the ring like nothing happened.

When Jimmy Uso moved into the Main Event, I thought he would play against Roman, but looking back I don't think they will make this turn until there is actually a need for it. In any case, Jimmy would be paved and I think something like that will be done just to keep Roman Reigns busy for SummerSlam."

Edge's music hit at this point as the Rated-R Superstar returned to WWE. The former WWE Champion charged straight at Reigns. Edge hit Roman with a Spear and went for the Conchairto. Jimmy Uso came out to make the save but was tossed into the stairs by the Rated-R Superstar, who then hit Uso with a Spear through the barricade. The night ended with Edge standing tall in the middle of the ring.