Did WWE remove Bruce Prichard from his role?

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Did WWE remove Bruce Prichard from his role?

One of the most important faces in the WWE backstage world, as well as a great former face of the WWE TV screens, from several years ago, is Bruce Prichard: booker, writer, manager, executive and so on and so forth, who in the course of his career has worked for the most disparate world pro-wrestling companies.

Over the past couple of years, Bruce has also become a pivotal pivot of WWE's creative process, both for better and for worse, as Bruce has become Vince McMahon's true right-hand man, first taking over the red show creative process of Monday Night Raw and then also that of Friday Night Smackdown, becoming in effect the head of the creative team of the entire main roster.

WWE did not remove Bruce Prichard from his backstage role

After the online news of the latest releases surfaced, yet another rumor had also emerged that spoke of the possible removal of Bruce Prichard from the WWE backstage desk.

According to some rumors, it seemed that Vince McMahon had also removed his right arm from the role of head writer, instead, the ever-present Ringside News wanted to firmly clarify the situation, stating that these words are completely inaccurate.

On balance, in the last period, Bruce Prichard would never have been a WWE head writer, but the executive director of the writing team and between the two roles there would be a small but substantial difference. The three head writers on which the McMahon management currently relies, respond to the names of Ed ​​Koskey, Ryan Callahan and Mike Heller.

According to the indicted rumor, the latter, Heller, would have been the one who would have stolen the place from Prichard, but all this would be completely unfounded. Bruce Prichard thus remains a fundamental figure for the WWE creative process, without which Vince McMahon would have several headaches from which to get out, completely alone.

Bruce Prichard recently spoke about The Undertaker and Mankind. He went into detail on the memorable time where the two squared off against each other inside a Hell in a Cell. The two men faced each other in one of the most gruesome matches in WWE history at the King of the Ring pay-per-view event in 1998.

The Undertaker had entered the match with an injured ankle, but it was Mankind who left the bout with several severe injuries. Mankind took some brutal bumps during the match which could have seriously jeopardized his career.

Though everyone knew that the match would be violent, even Vince McMahon was concerned about Mankind's safety during the match.