WWE had an idea for a stable before the pandemic


WWE had an idea for a stable before the pandemic

During the past year of the global pandemic, one of the storylines that most caught the attention of WWE Universe fans was the one involving Otis, former tag team partner Tucker and the beautiful Mandy Rose. In a very long storyline that led Otis to become Mandy's real on-screen fiancée, there should have been a project that WWE has never put on stage, always because ideas are constantly changed backstage.

overnight, thus leading this project to be trashed before seeing the light of the sun. After Otis's resounding Money in the Bank victory, WWE also decided to split the two of the Heavy Machinery, only to then even release Tucker, in one of the now many waves of layoffs of this 2021.

In his latest interview, however, Tucker wanted to reveal something that fans still didn't know, namely that there was a stable project between Heavy Machinery and Mandy Rose, which however was no longer staged at the end.

Otis and Mandy Rose's romance was well received by the WWE Universe

To the microphones of Wrestle Talk, the former tag team partner of Otis, in fact, shared his thoughts on this matter: "At the same time, I think there was no real reason why me, Otis and Mandy didn't all move forward together, like a stable.

We pushed for this on multiple occasions, there were a lot of things we could and wanted to do, like when as a brother I tried to help my brother go out with the girl he liked. And this story is definitely more egregious than many other stories seen on-screen, a hundred times more egregious.

It was one of the top 3 storylines of the pandemic period, especially for the response with the public. There were a lot of people involved in this story, even people who don't normally follow wrestling got into it. Because it was an everyday men's story - who as a not too glamorous man wouldn't want to try one of the coolest chicks in the neighborhood? It was great, great." On this week's edition of Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell praised the match between Otis and Rey Mysterio on WWE SmackDown.

Mantell, however, stressed that WWE has to be careful with Otis and not beat him too many times. He explained: "I liked it, it was good. The only thing you got to worry about Otis is he's a really big guy. They beat him in the right way, they did that, but when you start beating those guys like that it's really hard to salvage them so they got to watch what they do with Otis because he's a test and I don't know if he can stand too many losses because he's such a...

he had a great match. And I did notice about Dominik, he needs a new hairstyle. He needs to cut his hair or do something. But it wasn't a bad match. The whole show was pretty good."