Former WWE star on Jaxson Ryker's push

Last year WWE decided to bring a new stable, the Forgotten Sons

by Simone Brugnoli
Former WWE star on Jaxson Ryker's push

Last year WWE decided to bring a new stable, the Forgotten Sons, made up of Wesley Blake, Steve Cutler and Jaxson Ryker to the SmackDown roster. Of the three only the latter is still under contract with the Stamford federation while the other two have been fired during this 2021.

Last summer it looked like the Forgotten Sons were headed for the blue show duo title win when Jaxson Ryker posted claims on Twitter against the demonstrations for the Black Lives Matter movement, also associating the stable's catchphrase; this caused WWE to cancel plans for the group and the group itself from its programming.

Wesley Blake spoke to The Wrestling Inc. Daily this week to explain what really happened in that controversial situation: "When Ryker posted the tweet, Steve (Cutler) and I wrote to him and asked him to delete it. He refused and said he would respect his thinking.

So Steve and I decided to issue a statement with our thoughts to distance ourselves from him, and he understood. The next day, we went to the Performance Center to talk to the creative team, as if to be forgiven. We explained that the tweet was the result of Ryker's decision and that Steve and I had different ideas; Initially, the creative told us that they would keep us off the show for two weeks to make us forget the matter and then we would resume our rivalry with the New Day.

After that meeting, we thought that everything would be fine. "In reality, the Forgotten Sons push was stopped forever and Wesley Blake went on to explain how Ryker's words have strongly influenced his career:" Then, obviously, a week later we received a message in which we were told that the New Day would start a feud with Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura and that is where we communicated to Ryker that we would have proposed new ideas for the stable, but also just for me and Steve.

We stayed away from the screens for many months until we found out that Ryker had been moved to Raw and we would be staying in SmackDown."

Westin Blake talks about Jaxson Ryker

In recent weeks, Jaxson Ryker has started a rivalry with his former ally Elias, in which he is playing the role of a babyface.

Wesley Blake commented on this strange WWE decision: "This is what the company wants, there is nothing I can control. Apparently, this is what the creative team wants from him, good for them if it works. On that occasion, I said to Steve, "We shared our thoughts, we didn't keep quiet, and all we can do now is get the best out of this situation." And that's what we did."

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