Zeb Coulter recalls his angle with Alberto Del Rio

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Zeb Coulter recalls his angle with Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio returned to WWE during the pay-per-view 'Hell in a Cell' in 2015 when he responded to John Cena's challenge for the US title. The Mexican-born wrestler was surprisingly allied with Zeb Coulter, aka Dutch Mantell, for that stint, despite the two having been big rivals on television screens.

Speaking in the latest edition of 'Smack Talk', Mantell explained how he was 100% sure that partnership would fail miserably. He also revealed that the idea was born from Vince McMahon himself, who had looked for an alternative way in order to propitiate the reaction of the fans.

Zeb Coulter on Alberto Del Rio

"The idea came from Vince McMahon, he's the one who set it all up. They brought us together to collaborate, although everyone remembered how much we hated each other in the past. Then I had to leave because of a leg problem, I was seriously injured.

The moment I returned, the idea arose that I would go out there and be his manager. I knew such a thing would never work. Obviously, I couldn't go to them and tell them that the idea was absolutely disgusting. Mainly because it was Vince's idea, so you had to find a way to make it work," said Zeb Coulter.

Zeb Coulter had a stroke of genius to save his storyline with Alberto Del Rio: "The only way out was represented by Jack Swagger. The plan was for Del Rio to challenge Swagger to a match before Jack and I fell on Alberto with the help of the crutch.

It was the only way to make sense of that corner" In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Del Rio admitted that he would like to get back to fighting: “My passion was unfairly taken away from me last year, I think you all know that.

Fortunately, the truth has been reached and everything is putting itself back in its place”. Alberto Del Rio felt that he and Paige could have established an empire together as a couple by pooling their collective resources.

Unfortunately for both wrestlers, they took the unfavorable path, and their highly-publicized relationship came to a controversial end. "Paige and I could have built an empire together, because of our talents, because of what was around us, but unfortunately due to the situations, instead of taking advantage and growing as a couple, we did the opposite.

We dedicated ourselves to doing things that were not they were productive neither for our careers nor for our lives," Del Rio said.