John Morrison on Creating WWE Promos

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John Morrison on Creating WWE Promos

John Morrison is a very popular WWE personality and he recently spoke about creating WWE promos. Many hardcore wrestling fans believe that overly scripted promos have ruined the WWE and the product that they present. According to John Morrison, promos are created with collaboration.

He spoke about it with TVInsider.

John Morrison on How WWE Creates Promos for Wrestlers

“Sometimes it’s improv, but I would call it more collaborative,” Morrison said. “We’re not going to talk or say anything without producers, agents, writers, Vince [McMahon].

As soon as we get anything, we read it and talk to each other. We may say, ‘These lines are crap. Let’s fix it the best way we can and then go talk to them about our fixes.’ It’s not good to be thrown into an office and just say something is garbage.

You may say, ‘You know what? I like better’ is this other option. “We constantly do that. A writer or Vince may agree and say, ‘This is better. But you know what would be even better? This.’ It then evolves…Also, something that is lost on so many people is it takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable and be affected by something.

Just being cognizant about that, which I wasn’t during the first run. Doing improv and saying things. We are having fun, but we also work really hard on the promos. Everything you see on TV — it’s a process”.

Since The Miz is on the shelf, Morrison has taken this opportunity to shine. Morrison spoke about his current gimmick and where he got this idea from. “I was in a car with Franky, and I like to rap a little bit,” John Morrison stated.

“When a song comes on, I change the words. ‘Who Franky calls when she wants it? Johnny. Whose maneuvers be gnarly? Johnny. Who got that tough paper brawny? Johnny. Who got that famous dog? Johnny. Who got that ‘Drip Drip’ speak? Johnny.

Who rolls with his wife in a jeep? Johnny. ‘Drip Drip’ is lit.’ Stuff like that. She’ll say, ‘You know that was good, but you know what would be greater though? If you shut up and let me listen to Cardi B.’ I like music and singing along to things.

When Miz and I had our first rap song, I called myself ‘Johnny Drip Drip.’ It kind of took on a life of its own. Then I started using all these water metaphors. I really enjoy using the word moist. It happens to be Franky’s least favorite word.

I’ll say, ‘I’m moist by choice babe.’ She’ll say, ‘Don’t ever say that again.’ It’s fun to bug her a little bit. The whole ‘Johnny Drip Drip’ now is the way I dress, my hair, it’s all my version of what drip is. All that stuff is fun and ridiculous. And I happen to like ridiculousness”.