Wesley Blake on Aleister Black Praising Him

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Wesley Blake on Aleister Black Praising Him

Wesley Blake is a popular NXT star, and he spoke about Aleister Black praising him on Twitter. Wesley Blake is a former NXT Tag Team Champion. He is now known as Westin Blake. He was recently released by the WWE. He made an appearance on Wrestling Inc.

Wesley Blake Speaks About Aleister Black Praise

“It’s great. I love Tommy,” Blake expressed. “When he first got into NXT, I actually, I want to say one of the first live events, got to wrestle him, and it’s just really cool to me.

The great thing about being in NXT for so long is I got to work with a lot of great talents, from all different sides of the world, and so when he came in, obviously, he helped elevate NXT, the brand itself, but it’s just cool to see his style, his take on wrestling and stuff like that.

“We could sit there for hours just spitballing ideas, just talking wrestling and life, and so that was a really cool experience when I got to wrestle on these live events and stuff like that. I got to wrestle him at the finals in the Dusty Classic with Steve [Maclin] and myself, which was by far one of my favorite tag matches to date”.

Aleister was released in June by WWE. Blake was actually very surprised when this happened. According to various reports, Aleister will appear at AEW and start wrestling there. Reportedly, many people within WWE want Aleister to be re-signed.

“Tommy, I’m sorry that you got released,” Wesley Blake said. “That was a total shock and surprise. I mean, that whole group of people really, even the group that I was in. There was so many talented people, and I have no doubt that they’re going to land on their feet somewhere and be successful, whatever they want to do, but with Tommy being now a free agent, hopefully, an opportunity presents itself where we share the ring together again”.

There are various reports that Vince McMahon might be looking to sell WWE. That is the reason why the WWE is releasing most of its well-paid superstars. In fact, Braun Strowman, who was one of the biggest stars in the company, was released quite recently.

Aleister Black was a rising star in WWE. He was very popular in 2019, but after an initial push, the WWE never booked him for any serious matches.