Seth Rollins is ready to challenge Roman Reigns

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Seth Rollins is ready to challenge Roman Reigns

During the last episode of the Stamford-based company's blue show, Friday Night Smackdown, Edge made his sensational comeback, after an absence lasting a few months, which now extended from the main event of Wrestlemania 37, where the Tribal Chief Smackdown's, Roman Reigns, had made a clean sweep, beating both the Canadian and Daniel Bryan, in one fell swoop.

After immediately closing the Edge chapter, Reigns then dedicated himself to Daniel Bryan, with the former ROH talent who had continued to request titled matches, up to the contention of the "go or break" series, where, however, Bryan was got burned, losing to Reigns and literally being banned from the blue show ring.

Two of the biggest stars on WWE's current roster are Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. The former Shield brothers have been at the top of the WWE mountain for many years now.

Seth Rollins claimed that he is ready to challenge Roman Reigns

Shortly before Edge's return to the scene, on Friday's episode, we listened to a promo that arrived backstage of the show, where the WWE Messiah went to warn Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce, telling them that he had to be the next challenger to the show.

title of Roman Reigns, with the return of Edge who, however, messed up all the plans that Seth Rollins had created and with which the WWE officials seemed to be able to agree. Apparently, according to what has been reported in the very last hours by the well-known Wrestling Observer site, through the words of the ever-present Dave Meltzer, the WWE could propose this feud between the two former Shields already at the end of the summer, once Edge will be released again once on stage.

At the moment it appears that WWE is targeting a Seth Rollins vs Edge at Summerslam, which would rule out a clash between Rollins and Reigns already in the summer Big Four. Regarding this eventuality, Meltzer in fact stated: "It will probably arrive in September, if they get there, because the last thing I heard about Summerslam was Edge vs Seth Rollins.

So, if we see Seth Rollins beat Edge, it would certainly make all the sense in the world to go into Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns at that point." This past week on SmackDown, Seth Rollins claimed that he is ready to challenge Roman Reigns and become the next Universal Champion.

However, WWE Hall of Famer Edge surprisingly returned and attacked Roman Reigns. WWE has now officially announced Roman Reigns vs. Edge in a one-on-one match at WWE Money in the Bank 2021.