John Cena discusses the current WWE product

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John Cena discusses the current WWE product

For several weeks there has been talk in WWE of a possible return in the company of superstar John Cena, a wrestler who could make a return that will coincide with the return of live audience to the shows and who is advertised in a hypothetical match titled against the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

The story of John Cena in WWE is extraordinary but for years now the wrestler has moved on from this profession and has dedicated himself to the role of actor that made him famous in Hollywood and in all the corners of our planet.

In an interview with Complex News microphones, John Cena talked about his return to WWE, admitting, however, that the company can live without his return to the ring.

John Cena's words on returning to WWE

Here are his specific statements: "There are so many things that I report to WWE and this is one of them.

WWE is a global phenomenon with or without John Cena and this proves it since we are talking about a company that was very successful even before me and certainly even now that there are other great wrestlers. Entering that locker room and having the opportunity to go out and perform is for me a great honor and a really great privilege."

John Cena will soon participate in the new film of the Fast & Furious series and the wrestler from Boston has specified that he sees this historic series as the WWE, both can live even without him. There has been talk for some time about John Cena's return to WWE, which should happen with the return of fans.

Numerous rumors in recent weeks have spoken of a possible great WWE match at SummerSlam with John Cena who would be ready to challenge WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The two have a previous fight in WWE at No Mercy 2017 and on that occasion, it was the Tribal Chief who prevailed.

For months now Roman Reigns dominates not only Friday Night Smackdown but the entire WWE and there is curiosity on the part of the WWE Universe to understand who will be the wrestler who will stop his domination in the company.

John Cena and Samoa Joe have never wrestled one-on-one inside a WWE ring and that's a massive missed opportunity. Now that Samoa Joe is not actively wrestling and is serving as Willian Regal's special enforcer on NXT, many people are turning their minds towards all of the WWE Superstars we never got to see Joe have potential matches with.