WWE removes the no-competition clause from its released stars

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WWE removes the no-competition clause from its released stars

In recent months, WWE has devoted a lot of effort to cut all its branches, as they say, eliminating all those contracts that it believed were now superfluous, firing all those athletes who had not been used for a long time and who in the near future probably the management of the company would have continued not to use, neither on the main roster nor at NXT.

Among the many prominent names who received the famous phone call or even a simple message, in which they were notified of their dismissal, were also Braun Strowman, Lana, Aleister Black, Bo Dallas and many others, both from NXT and from the main roster, with all these athletes who will now have to look for something to do in the near future, to make ends meet, once the agreement with the McMahon company is lost.

The first round of WWE releases came shortly after WrestleMania

As you all know, once an athlete is released from WWE, that fighter has a no-competition clause of approximately 90 days (less if the athlete worked at NXT), which prevents him from going to work anywhere else, at any time.

another world federation, before these three months. By now this clause is part of all contracts present in WWE or of the vast majority of them and even all the recently fired athletes seem to have to respect it. According to what was reported in the last few hours by the well-known overseas podcast, the Fightful Select, some wrestlers would have actually obtained from the WWE the waiver to exit this clause earlier than expected, with the company of McMahon who would have even thought of removing it completely to meet all these young people who are now out of work, thinking for once of the human side of the thing and not the corporate side.

As reported by the well-known site, in fact: "At least one of them earned an early exit from the no-competition clause and WWE is now planning to get them all early, but nothing has happened yet." We're only at the end of June, but already WWE has made four separate rounds of releases in as many months, meaning that several WWE Superstars have been let go from the company.

The first round of releases came shortly after WrestleMania on April 15th, 2021, and ten WWE Superstars were released at that time. In May, several NXT stars were released on the 19th. June saw two lots of releases, with six Superstars released on the 2nd and thirteen more on June 25th.

That's a lot of wrestlers who have lost their WWE jobs this year. So let's take a look at every, now, former WWE Superstar that was released in 2021.