Huge details on Scarlett's WWE future

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Huge details on Scarlett's WWE future

One of the best and most present managers in NXT at the moment is the one who accompanies the absolute champion of the yellow brand, Karrion Kross, every time he has to get into the ring, both for a promo and for a match, We are obviously talking about his partner Scarlett, who until now we have heard of a few times and who has never entered the ring to fight, even though she was hired by the WWE as a fighter and not just as a manager.

In the recent and past history of WWE, various managers have taken part in the action in the company's rings, some with better results, some worse, but almost all have at least one match at one time or another, including those managers who had nothing to do with wrestling, such as Vickie Guerrero.

However, this could be Scarlett's future on the main roster and it could also be quite close in time.

Will Scarlett be separated from Karrion Kross on the main roster?

According to several rumors that have been running online for some time now, it seems that WWE's intention is to separate the pair of NXTs once they have passed into the main roster, with Scarlett who should therefore not remain only the manager of the current NXT champion, but who should instead take his career in hand, becoming a real protagonist of the Stamford-based company's rings.

According to what was reported in the last hours by the well-known website PW Insider, the WWE would have carried out tryout matches during the last week, in which Scarlett, manager of Kross, would also have taken part in an obviously active way.

In addition to Scarlett, Shotzi Blackheart also had a match in the presence of several WWE executives, in which she impressed a lot. At the moment it is not known when the two could be called on the main roster, nor if this eventuality is imminent or not.

On the male side, to have such matches, just before the last two episodes of Smackdown were instead Karrion Kross and Bronson Reed, respectively NXT champion and North American champion of the yellow show, also grappling with a contest to make see what they are capable of in the main roster rings.

Soon we could therefore have all four of these great athletes in the ring that count of Raw and Smackdown, with alliances that could however jump, compared to what we see today at NXT.