Brock Lesnar accused of 'stifling' his WWE matches

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Brock Lesnar accused of 'stifling' his WWE matches

In recent years, one of the absolute protagonists of the McMahon-owned company rings has undoubtedly been Brock Lesnar, multiple world champion in different categories, who has almost always been in the main events of the shows that matter, of the entire annual calendar of the company.

From Summerslam to Wrestlemania, up to the Royal Rumble, Brock Lesnar was until last year one of the most requested attractions by WWE and its fans for the ppv that matter and therefore the Big Four, but also many other events, including weekly episodes of Raw or some of Smackdown.

Since last year's edition of Wrestlemania, however, Lesnar has literally disappeared from the ring of the company, with the same wrestler and the Stamford company, who have decided by mutual agreement to drop the contract that had now reached its natural expiration, without renewing it for the moment, also given the delicate situation linked to the covid and the world pandemic.

Brock Lesnar missed WrestleMania this year

During his last interview with The Wrestling Inc Daily, the well-known overseas journalist Bill Apter wanted to lash out at Brock Lesnar, guilty of literally "suffocating" several of his matches, in view of a possible future challenge with Bobby Lashley.

Regarding this topic, Apter has in fact stated: "It's something that has now emerged really well. I'm talking about sports, but likewise I've noticed this in a lot of matches, which Brock chokes on. He doesn't do the best what he could do.

What will Paul Heyman do about it? I think Roman Reigns will probably be my focal point at this point. I think Brock will come back and say 'Hey, what do we need this guy for?', Just to have a different scenario to go through."

By many colleagues and insiders, Lesnar has been found to be a bit listless in the ring in recent years, despite the great performances that have always characterized his career have been many. The match against Dean Ambrose of Wrestlemania 32 is still vivid in the memory of the fans, where the two gave very little show to the fans, due to the lack of desire to prepare the spots for the match with the former Shield in advance, as confirmed several times Ambrose himself in some interviews.

Last year, news broke that Brock Lesnar's WWE contract had expired. All kinds of rumors emerged, from people speculating about a UFC return or even an AEW stint. Others said there was no way Brock Lesnar would consider any company but WWE at this stage of his career.