WWE prepares an interesting main event for the next live shows

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WWE prepares an interesting main event for the next live shows

The date has now been confirmed for weeks and therefore from July 16th, WWE will officially return on the road, after a full year of world pandemic, which had forced the number one company in the world of pro-wrestling to do less than its live audience, in every single show, PPV or weekly tapings that is.

After receiving the first taste of "normality" in Wrestlemania 37, where about 50,000 fans had returned to follow the two dates dedicated to the show of the shows from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, now it is time to get back to serious, with the WWE that has in fact already prepared all 25 live return dates, with a series of weekly episodes of its shows, PPV and live events not captured by the cameras, which will electrify the members of the WWE Universe after a truly period very long time spent always at home.

The tour will kick off with the July 16th Friday Night SmackDown

In the last few days, the WWE is also starting to advertise part of the live event cards that will air from July, with the main event at the time scheduled for the beginning of August, which can give some clues as to how the storylines will continue.

of the WWE after a few weeks. Although everything may change from one moment to the next, as is now the practice in WWE, this is one of the main events that we could see shortly in the WWE rings, as reported by the Wrestling Observer microphones, through the usual and highly trained Dave.

Meltzer: "The show they announced is still almost two months away. There will obviously be other shows and other main events as well, but one of the house shows they advertise already has Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston as the main event against MVP and Bobby Lashley.

At the moment there are almost six weeks left for this show, I would like to see what they have in mind for the part of Smackdown instead." The show to which Meltzer refers is the one that will be staged at the turn of the first weekend of August, on the 7th or 8th of the month of Summerslam.

Apparently, for WWE the feud between the Scotsman and the current WWE champion would not be over yet, as he will continue to show his main eventers once again (at least) in his live shows from now to the summer Big Four. As Sapp mentioned, other NXT talent like current NXT Champion Karrion Kross and current NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed were backstage for last week's SmackDown and this week's RAW.

During the RAW taping, the pair made their main roster debuts when they took part in matches for WWE's Main Event tapings.