Santino Marella's daughter is pursuing her own path in the wrestling industry

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Santino Marella's daughter is pursuing her own path in the wrestling industry

Santino Marella's 11 years of stay in WWE have been full of exciting moments. Although he is no longer a wrestler who plays in the federation of Vince McMahon, the daughter of the former Italian-Canadian star - namely Bianca Carelli - is starting her path to make her way in this business.

Last May, Santino had publicly contacted Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to advance the nomination as his daughter and propitiate her future in WWE. During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Bianca spoke at length about her future in and out of wrestling.

Her dream is to attend the WrestleMania main event one day.

Santino Marella reached out to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

“I want wrestling to become my stable job. It would be nice to join one of the big companies that have control of this business” - explained Bianca.

"I would also like to do something to support the environment, which is another of my passions. It almost became a trend some time ago, but now people have stopped worrying about it. I really want to work with children and inspire future generations.

Obviously I dream of taking part in the WrestleMania main event, even if it is what every wrestler wants ”- she added. In 2019, Carelli participated in a WWE audition having only 13 matches to her credit. After a couple of days, she was advised to gain more industry experience.

“The key was to keep working and gain more experience. I know my microphone skills are quite solid, while there is still a lot to do in wrestling. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, many projects have been put on hold, which is a real shame.

I had a lot of meetings scheduled before the pandemic broke out. That's why I had to find other ways to improve it. I studied my previous challenges, stayed fit and came up with some ideas to evolve my character”. All that remains is to wish her good luck.

Santino Marella has reached out to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon via Twitter, informing them that his daughter is ready for WWE. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are two of WWE's top executives. Triple H is the Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development, while Stephanie McMahon is the Chief Brand Officer.

Both of them have a say on which talent WWE brings in and play an important role in developing the talent. Santino took to Twitter to inform WWE that his daughter is ready to shine.