Ariane Andrew Speaks About Her Latest Single

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Ariane Andrew Speaks About Her Latest Single

Ariana Andrew was on the Wrestling Inc. Daily where she spoke about her latest single. She is a popular WWE superstar and is well-known in the WWE. Her single is, “Born With It remixed by Damon Sharpe”. She spoke about the similarities between the wrestling world and her music.

Ariana Andrew Speaks About Her Latest Single

“Well, let’s be honest, the wrestling culture, we can’t compare the two. It’s a different beast,” Andrew admitted. “I guess with wrestling, you’re not really doing a collaboration.

Who you work with is who you work with, depending on who you’re signed with. If you’re on the independent circuit, you’re kind of collabing, but it’s two different worlds. What I will say though, before I dive into that, is I just have to give major props for being in wrestling and doing WWE because it’s taught me so much, and I feel like I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if I didn’t have that opportunity.

“It teaches you so much. Unless you just crumble up and die after, it teaches you how to be a business person and how to be really strong, and don’t take ‘no’ personally and just keep pushing through.

If someone says no, or something doesn’t work out, no big deal. It’s cool. There’s a bigger opportunity knocking, but when it comes to music, I think it’s more of a vibe. The girl that I actually did the feature on was on our show.

I felt like I’d known her for years just as we were talking on our interview. “It was as if we were friends, and that’s how we connected. I think a lot of times two things are intertwined. You meet people from the past or a friend of a friend, and sometimes if there’s a connection, you are like, ‘Well, let’s do X, Y and Z together,’ but that’s not just with me.

I think that’s with anything in life. You meet the right people. You connect with people. You never know where life will take you”. The host mentioned that she has a degree in psychology. The host asked her whether she used her knowledge when she connects with people.

“I am, and it’s funny because I know I have a high pitched voice, or people look at me and think I can be a little slow sometimes, just like pinning Naomi on her stomach,” Ariana Andrew recalled. “Let’s just bring it up”.