Samoa Joe has revealed Triple H called him after his WWE release

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Samoa Joe has revealed Triple H called him after his WWE release

During this year, WWE has made a series of releases of some prominent or non-prominent elements from the main roster on several occasions. One of the most beloved WWE Universe wrestlers who left the company, surprisingly enough, is Samoa Joe, released on April 15 in the Vince McMahon company cut series.

The wrestler revealed that it was WWE executive John Laurinaitis who communicated this decision to him but reported that only shortly after did WWE Vice President Triple H contact him asking him to come back and participate in NXT.

Samoa Joe said WWE executive John Laurinaitis called him

Speaking on the Ryan Satin Out of Character podcast, Samoa Joe explained the whole situation that involved him: "I understood the situation immediately and I must say that my release was not unexpected.

I reacted calmly about it, they weren't new situations for me And probably a younger me would have reacted in a reckless way, I would say 'out of my mind', but now everything is different for me. Now I know what to do in moments like this, it's a sort of mantra to be respected and I thought that somehow I could have returned to work, even in the creative team.

A few hours later it was Triple H who called me and everything changed in a short time. He told me 'Joe, I want you to be the new General Manager of NXT' "Before his release Samoa Joe worked for 12 months as a commentator and according to him the wrestler thought WWE's decision to release him was basically understandable since he hadn't fought since February 2020.

Speaking about his speech with Triple H, Samoa Joe revealed: "I was texting greetings to my colleagues, I knew about the release and I wanted to say hello to everyone, then all of a sudden he contacts me Triple H and says to me 'Wait a minute, I'm leaving the meeting.

and let's talk.' He tells me about NXT and tells me to wait for the project to develop in a short time, I give my consent and I must say that immediately I said it was fine with me, so I went back to NXT." Although Samoa Joe currently performs as William Regal’s enforcer, the seeds have already been planted for his in-ring comeback.

Since his return two weeks ago, matches against superstars including Adam Cole, Karrion Kross, and Pete Dunne have been teased. Following his release, Samoa Joe sent text messages to people he enjoyed working with during his time in WWE.