*Spoiler* The WWE Universe met a new version of Nikki Cross

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*Spoiler* The WWE Universe met a new version of Nikki Cross

During last week's Monday Night Raw episode, there was a tag team match between Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross and former McMahon company tag team champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. The faces of the moment won the match, with Nikki Cross also appearing for the first time in front of the company's television screens and on its rings with a ring attire and a character completely different from those we fans were used to.

After years with the same rowdy character and on the verge of madness, Nikki has in fact presented herself to Raw dressed as a superhero, with a blue cape, a mask of the same color and a tight yellow onesie, which would make even Superman pale with a character which reminded many of the various Hurricanes or Mighty Mollies from WWE's past.

The WWE Universe met a new version of Nikki Cross

The WWE Universe met a new version of Nikki Cross on the most recent episode of Monday Night RAW and universally, no pun intended hated it. The former WWE Women's Tag Champion has already had quite a successful run on the main roster and has even challenged multiple times for the SmackDown Women's Championship.

Seeing such a weird shift in tone left fans of Crazy Nikki worried, even though it's been confirmed that this was her idea. Obviously, there is no self-respecting superhero who does not have a proper name and Nikki Cross obviously falls into this category too.

After spending a whole week without letting anyone know about his possible new pseudonym, during tonight's Monday Night Raw episode, Nikki wanted to take the bull by the horns, going directly to speak with the microphone in his hand before his entry into the WWE ThunderDome.

During her speech, before the match against Shayna Baszler, Nikki wanted to affirm with conviction that she is not yet completely a superhero, calling herself an "Almost a Superhero" and that is an almost superhero.

From now on Nikki Cross will therefore be Nikki ASH (Almost a Superhero). To many, that segment reminded of another superhero from WWE history... who was instead a superhero in training. Furthermore, in recent weeks, Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss seem to have begun to reconnect that relationship they had before the Alexa gimmick change, with the two having been side by side for two weeks in a row and will probably continue this storyline in the next episodes. of the red show, arriving at a very interesting point, given the gimmicks of the two involved.