The last episode of WWE Raw before the return on the road will be recorded

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The last episode of WWE Raw before the return on the road will be recorded

WWE is organizing everything to get back on the road as early as the 16th of next July. After an abundant year of the devastating global pandemic, WWE is organizing a return to normal with its staff, with a tour that will visit 25 different cities in the United States, for the time being, partly returning to normal.

After the resounding announcement of his return to the road, WWE has confirmed that he will again have live events and PPVs to stage with his beloved live audience, sending the ThunderDome built specifically for such occasions into retirement for the moment, when the public was unable to return to follow the exploits of their favorite Superstars.

After more than a year, WWE Universe fans are back to follow live and live the matches of their favorite wrestlers, with the episode of Smackdown on July 16 which will be the first to be staged without ThunderDome. According to what is stated by the pages of the well-known site Wrestle Votes, it seems that WWE intends to record the last episode of Monday Night Raw, to then broadcast it on a delayed basis, with the experts who would thus have all the time to disassemble the ThunderDome and to better organize for the return on the road, from the episode after Smackdown.

The last episode of WWE Raw before the return on the road will be recorded

As reported by the journalists of the well-known overseas site, in fact: "It looks like the final WWE show inside the ThunderDome is the July 9th edition of Smackdown.

The July 12 episode of Raw, in fact, should be the last within the Thunderdome, but it will be recorded a week earlier." The last WWE show to which WWE Universe fans will be invited in a virtual way will be then the episode of Smackdown on July 9th and not the very last episode of Raw, which will air the very week that WWE will be back on the road.

A rather particular choice, which however does not detract from the happiness of the fans, who will surely also have some great surprises that week, in view of the first weekly live show in over a year and then also of the ppv Money in the Bank, which will surely give away.

several emotions already regardless. Prior to WrestleMania, the last WWE show to have a full capacity crowd was back in March 2020 in Washington, D.C. WWE also announced that the July 16th SmackDown will kick off an entire weekend of live events in the Texas area, including the Money In The Bank pay-per-view on July 18th.